Mountain Lake Trail

Length 2.6 miles - (4.2 ) kilometers
Challenge Level Easy to moderate
Use Type Multiuse (pedestrians and cyclists); Pedestrian only in sections
Estimated Biking Time (minutes) 16
Estimated Calories Burned Female: 238
Male: 281
Estimated Walking Time (minutes) 52
Type of Bike Route Combination of Multiuse Trail, In Road Bike Lanes, and Bike/Car Shared Lanes
Presidio Trail -

​​Mountain Lake Trail traces the southern Presidio from Baker Beach to the Broadway Gate.

Along the way, you'll experience a new segment of the trail located behind the Public Health Service District. This section leads hikers through restored dune habitat via an at-grade boardwalk. Here you'll find the Marine Cemetery Vista, which pays homage to 500 sailors who were buried on a hillside behind the former military hospital in the 19th century.

You'll also pass by the trail's namesake natural lake. This newly restored habitat is home to many native species of flora and fauna, including the western pond turtle, Pacific chorus frog, and 65 bird species who visit the lake on their way warmer (or cooler) climates. If you have kids in tow, they can get their energy out at the nearby Mountain Lake Park or later at Julius Kahn Playground to the east.

Also not to be missed is Andy Goldsworthy's Wood Line. This art installation can been viewed from the Mountain Lake Trail, just before the Broadway Gate.

Helpful hint: Restrooms are located at Mountain Lake Park and Julius Kahn Playground.