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The trail passes through the Presidio’s forest. Photo by Charity Vargas.

Bay Area Ridge Trail

This section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail runs from the Arguello Gate to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sections of Park Trail and Bay Area Ridge Trail Closed to Dog Walking

To reduce the potential for coyote/dog conflict, we’ve proactively closed large sections of the Park Trail and the Bay Area Ridge Trail to dog walking. This annual closure is temporary; we’ll reopen these trails to dog walking in fall after pupping season ends. All 24 miles of hiking trails in the Presidio are open to people.


Southern Wilds Region, Golden Gate Region

Use Type

Multi-use Trail (Paved), Multi-use Trail (Unpaved), Bikes in Roadway, Pedestrians on Roadside

Top Amenities

Accessible Restrooms, Accessible Parking, Paid Parking, Free Parking, Picnic Tables


Traverse the Presidio’s highest points for scenic views of the forest, San Francisco Bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Part of a regional trail that runs 550 miles all around the bay, this Presidio section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail links the Arguello Gate to the Golden Gate Bridge, hugging the perimeter of Presidio Golf Course.

There’s a lot packed in along the way. You’ll pass through the Presidio forest and encounter three scenic viewpoints Golden Gate Overlook, Pacific Overlook, and National Cemetery Overlook.

You’ll also visit several must-see historic and cultural sites, including Andy Goldsworthy’s Spire, a 100-foot sculpture made of felled Monterey cypress trunks. The trail also crosses paths with historic gun batteries, the World War II West Coast Memorial to the Missing, and Rob Hill Campground.

Presidio Trails Tip 

Restrooms and food are located at Presidio Golf Course, the Presidio Golf Course General Store, and the Golden Gate Bridge.


2.5 miles (4.0 kilometers)

Activity Level



Average grade: 4%

Maximum grade: 15%

Trail Width

Average width: 8 feet 

Minimum width: 3 feet

Trail Surface

Trail surface is asphalt and compacted soil.

Estimated Walking Time

50 minutes

This trail contains some pedestrian-only sections and splits off for cyclists to use an alternative route. For bikes, follow signage and use In Road Bike Lanes and Bike/Car Shared Lanes during these segments of the trail. On leash dogs are permitted except during coyote pupping season.

Bay Area Ridge Trail with forest and trail sign. Photo by Charity Vargas.
The Presidio’s historic forest was planted by the U.S. Army. Photo by Charity Vargas.
View of Presidio Golf Course.
Presidio Golf Course was built in 1895.
Views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Golden Gate Overlook with two visitors taking in the view.
See one of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge at the Golden Gate Overlook.

Bay Area Ridge Trail Map

Bay Area Ridge Trail

Map of the Bay Area Ridge Trail


If you start at the south end, pick up the trail next to the entrance of the Presidio Golf Course parking lot, right across from Inspiration Point. At the north end, pick up the trail just northwest of the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center.

Parking & Public Transit

At the south end, free parking is available at Inspiration Point Overlook with a three-hour time limit. There is also parking in the Presidio Golf Course lot. At the north end, there are several parking lots near the Golden Gate Bridge. To get to the Presidio by bus or shuttle, visit the Public Transit page.

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Batteries to Bluffs trail with steps and sign-post and Golden Gate Bridge in the background.There are 470 stairs along the trail. Photo by Paul Myers.