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How to Pay for Parking

Learn how to pay for parking which is regulated in the Presidio seven days a week.

How to Use a Pay-and-Display Parking Machine

Parking is regulated in the Presidio seven days a week. Buy a daily or hourly parking permit from a Pay-and-Display station. The cost for parking permits ranges between $2.50 to $3 per hour and between $12.50 to $15/day. Parking regulations are ​enforced by the United States Park Police.​ Parking fees support the operation and maintenance of the Presidio – thank you!

Image of a parking regulation sign in the Presidio, next to a Pay-and-Display parking machine.

Step 1: Park in a Pay-and-Display Parking Space

Look carefully for signs and Pay-and-Display machines indicating that a curbside parking area or a parking lot requires the purchase of a permit. Signs typically read “Pay to Park” or “Permit Parking Only.”

Step 2: Check the Regulated Hours

Hours when paid parking permits are required are indicated on the signs. Parking is free outside of the indicated hours and on federal holidays.

Step 3: Buy a Parking Permit

Pay-and-Display machines are located within clear sight in regulated parking areas. To purchase a permit, follow the instructions on the machine. If the machine is out of order, find another machine within the same zone. If this is not possible or if you are having technical difficulties with a meter, contact the Presidio Parking Office at (415) 561-4265.

To use the machine, 1) select the duration of parking, 2) insert coins or debit/credit card, and 3) retrieve the permit from the ticket dispensing cup on the lower front of the machine.

Step 4: Display the Parking Permit

Return to your vehicle and place the permit on the dashboard with the date and time visible through the windshield. For a motorcycle, place the permit in a visible location. Keep the receipt with you for your records. If you still have time left on your ticket when you return, you can use the permit elsewhere in the same numbered permit zone.

Logos of the different partners of the Presidio including the National Park Service and Golden Gate Conservancy.
THANK YOU! Every dollar you spend in the Presidio – including for parking – helps to support and sustain the Presidio as a “forever park.”

Contact Transportation Services

If you have questions about transportation in the Presidio, contact us at

A sign reading Presidio Transit Center. Photo by Myleen Hollero.