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A row of Bay Wheels bike next to Presidio Transit Center. Photo by Myleen Hollero.

Bay Wheels Bike Share

Pick up a classic or electric bike and start exploring San Francisco bike routes in the Presidio.

Bay Wheels Bike Share offers both classic bikes and electric bikes in the Presidio, making it easy to explore the park’s vast and beautiful terrain.

Rent a Bay Wheels bike using the Lyft app. Note that you must be 18 years or older to rent an electric bicycle.

This section describes what’s available and the rules of the road in the Presidio. For details on Bay Wheels, visit their website.

San Francisco Cycling With Bay Wheels Bike Share in the Presidio

Enjoy San Francisco cycling in the Presidio on a Bay Wheels bike. They come in two styles: classic (non-electric) and electric.

Bay Wheels Classic (non-electric) Bikes

There are four Bay Wheels Bike Share stations in the Presidio to pick up or return classic (non-electric) bikes. Note that you must return classic bikes to an official station in the park or elsewhere in San Francisco. See a map of all Bay Wheels stations.

Two men and two women rent Bay Wheels bikes in the Presidio.
Photo by Rachel Styer.

Bay Wheels Electric Bikes

Tackle the Presidio’s hills on the Bay Wheels electric bike. Download the Lyft app to find an electric bike or visit one of the four bike stations in the Presidio (see above).

End your ride by placing the electric bike in any Bay Wheels station dock or using the cable to lock to any bike rack within the service area. Note: you must be at least 18 years old to rent a Bay Wheels electric bike.

Rules of the Road in the Presidio

  • Road! Electric bikes may only be used on roads in the Presidio and are not allowed on trails.
  • Rack! When not in use, bicycles must be parked at a Bay Wheels station or Presidio bike rack.
  • Respect! Do not leave bikes where they block roads or access to trails or buildings. Take care not to damage park features when locking bikes.

For more, see the Bay Wheels Bike Share Safety Primer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bay Wheels is the only bike share system with a permit to operate in the Presidio. You can also rent classic and electric bikes at Sports Basement.

There are stations at Presidio Transit Center, Crissy Field Center, Letterman Digital Arts Center, and on MacArthur Avenue. You can also find a bike or bike station using the Lyft app.

Start by downloading the Lyft app on your smartphone. Tap the bike icon to find a bike or a station near you. Then, using your phone’s camera, scan the QR code on the rear fender to unlock.

Electric bikes feature e-assist to provide a boost every time you pedal. The harder you pedal, the more motorized assistance (up to 20 mph) you’ll receive.

Electric bikes must be parked at an official bike rack. There are 250 bike racks in the Presidio. Don’t leave bicycles on their sides on the sidewalk or block pedestrians.

No, they’re considered motorized vehicles and are not allowed on Presidio trails, including paved trails.

Areas of the Presidio managed by the National Park Service (including Baker Beach and Crissy Field north of Mason Street) are not currently in the e-bike service area. You can ride the bikes there, but you must return the bike to a rack within the Bay Wheels service area or you’ll be charged a fee.

Per the California vehicle code, bicyclists and bicycle passengers under age 18 must wear an approved helmet when riding on a bicycle.

Riders must be 18 years old or above.

Contact Transportation Services

If you have questions about transportation in the Presidio, please email

Exterior of the Presidio Transit Center.