Bike Share in the Presidio

Bicycles are a great way to explore the Presidio – either on one of our bike friendly trails or using the Slow Streets network. Bay Wheels bike share brings classic bikes and electric bikes to the Presidio, making it easier to explore some of the park’s sometimes steep 25 miles of terrain. Activated through the Lyft app, those over the age of 18 can use the app to find a bike in a safe location and use a bike as an option for getting to and around the park.

There are three bike share stations in the Presidio to pick-up or return classic bikes: at the Presidio Transit Center near Letterman Digital Arts Center, and at MacArthur Meadow. While riders must return classic bikes to a station, electric (or e-)bikes may also be parked at Presidio bike racks. Explore the real-time Bay Wheels map for station and bike locations on their website.

Check out Bay Wheels’ bike safety primer and remember the three Rs before operating an electric bicycle in the park:

  • Road! E-bikes may only be used on roads in the Presidio and are not allowed on trails.
  • Rack! When not in use, bicycles must be parked at a station or bike rack – see this bike rack map
  • Respect! Do not leave bikes where they block roads, block access to trails or buildings and take care not to damage park features when locking bikes.

See the FAQ for more information about electric bikes in the park and this bike-related transit map. Check out the below additional bike rental options.