Presidio Slow Streets

The Presidio Trust first implemented the Presidio Slow Streets program to provide additional space for recreation during the COVID pandemic and to create more opportunities for visitors to enjoy the Presidio. We have now decided to make the Slow Streets a permanent amenity.

Throughout the program, we’ve listened to the community, collected usage data, and adapted the roadways to current needs. Following the conclusion of a robust public input process in 2021/22, which garnered comments from over 1,000 participants, we're making improvements to Presidio Slow Streets in late 2022 and early 2023 before the program becomes permanent.

See the below map of Presidio Slow Streets:

Presidio Slow Streets Map

Late 2022 – Early 2023

In late 2022, we began installing signage and pavement markings; this phase of the work should be complete by the end of January 2023, weather permitting. No roads will be closed, but we’ll have flaggers and some minor delays in the park.

The improvements, based on feedback from our community, include methods to slow traffic, allowing those on bicycles, wheelchairs, and on foot to safely enjoy the park. This includes changes to the pavement markings and signage. Many of the existing pavement markings will be removed.

The changes will remove the yellow centerline on some streets and direct cars in both directions to use the middle of the roadway, but allow space for cars to pass cars in the opposing direction as necessary. Car volumes are much lower than before the Slow Streets program began, which means a lower likelihood of encountering a car in the opposing direction. Encouraging cars to use the middle of the roadway will create more space for cyclists and pedestrians to share the edges of the roadway. Periodic pinch points will help keep car speeds low and reinforce this use pattern.

In January and February 2023, the initial improvements will be supplemented with strategically placed park features, like logs and boulders.

Existing roadway
Proposed roadway

Spring 2023

During the final phase of improvements to Presidio Slow Streets, custom street art will be added in spring 2023.This phase may be implemented with the help of volunteers. If you’re interested in getting involved, sign up for our volunteer newsletter to hear more about this volunteer opportunity.

Early 2024

Washington Boulevard, Battery Caulfield Road, and West Pacific Avenue are scheduled to be repaved as part of a paving maintenance project beginning in early 2024. We’ll evaluate how the Presidio Slow Streets measures are working and make adjustments in conjunction with the paving project.


Why Presidio Slow Streets?
Presidio Slow Streets provide additional space along popular routes for recreation, including walking, biking and rolling.

Who can drive on Presidio Slow Streets?
Residents that live on a Presidio Slow Streets (and their guests), delivery drivers, service vehicles and the Presidio GO shuttle are all examples of permitted vehicles. The posted speed limit is 15 MPH. Vehicle traffic is excluded on some Presidio Slow Streets, including portions of Barnard Avenue, West Pacific, and a small segment of Washington Boulevard. The remainder of Presidio Slow Streets can accommodate low volumes of vehicle traffic.

Why have the entryways onto Presidio Slow Streets been narrowed?
Entryways onto Presidio Slow Streets have been made into pinch points. The pinch points are effectively one-lane, two-way gateways on each leg of the intersection (and other intersections on Presidio Slow Streets). With the lower volumes and lower vehicle speeds on Presidio Slow Streets, we expect that both directions of vehicle traffic can be accommodated through these pinch points while also providing space at the roadway edge for pedestrians and cyclists.

Who should use the center lane on a Presidio Slow Street?
Cars and faster cyclists can both use the center lane on Presidio Slow Streets as they’ll be traveling at similar speeds. The edge of the roadway can accommodate pedestrians and slow cyclists. People traveling on foot are encouraged to accommodate the neighborhood residents and the Presidio GO shuttle, as well as other vehicles, by avoiding the center of the street.


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