Andy Goldsworthy's Earth Wall

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Located inside the Presidio Officers' Club, Earth Wall is Andy Goldsworthy's fourth and most recent Presidio installation. It was completed in 2014, just as the renovation of the park's oldest building was drawing to a close. Earth Wall offers a nod to the ongoing archeology digs near the Presidio Officers' Club as well as to the gradual revitalization of the park's aging man-made forest, visible just above the courtyard wall where the sculpture is located.

Like nearby Tree Fall, Earth Wall asks viewers to think about what separates "nature" from "built." In Goldsworthy's signature style, he made Earth Wall with materials found on site. The sculpture's six-foot wide sphere was shaped using naturally curved Presidio eucalyptus branches. Clay taken from the courtyard during the club's renovation was used to bury the sculpture within a rammed earth wall. Goldsworthy then partially dug out the sphere, evoking the sense of discovery that accompanies archaeology research at the Presidio.

Visit Earth Wall

A visit to Earth Wall is a "can't miss" experience during a day at the club, where you can also enjoy the Presidio Heritage Gallery exhibits.

Earth Wall​ is open to the public​ during the Presidio Officers' Club hours of operation:
Tuesdays through Sundays​, 10 am to 5 pm​
Closed Mondays

If you can't get enough of Goldsworthy, see all four of his Presidio pieces – Spire, Wood Line, Tree Fall, and Earth Wall –  via a three-mile hiking loop. View the map in the Goldsworthy in the Presidio brochure.​

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