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Three Adventure Guides standing in front of the Field Station.
Adventure Guides: Lexi, Anthony, and Dylan

Aug 18, 2022

Adventure Guides at Presidio Tunnel Tops

Youth leaders help kids and families explore the Outpost playground and Field Station.


Lexi, Anthony, and Dylan

Adventure Guides are youth leaders based at the Field Station and Outpost at Presidio Tunnel Tops. Many are recent high school graduates or graduates from the Crissy Field Center youth leadership programs where they’ve received training in public speaking, connecting with visitors, and safely supporting successful, fun, and healthy engagement with visitors. They’re employed by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy​ and serve as educators and guides for other youth, families, and community programs. They help make these already wildly fun places in the park even more of an adventure for the Presidio’s youngest visitors.

Adventure Guides with wheelbarrows at Presidio Tunnel Tops.
Lexi and Anthony

When asked how she became an Adventure Guide, Lexi said, “I was really just looking for an internship for schools that would look good on my resume, and I came across this. But I lucked out! It’s turned out to be so much more than that.”

Anthony felt the same way. “I was looking around for an internship with San Francisco Park and Rec and other organizations in San Francisco,” he said. “I just wanted to get my foot in the door, and I found this position. I’ve never had a job like this before – it’s been totally inspirational. I love it.”

Dylan standing in front of the Outpost playground.

Dylan, another Adventure Guide, is a graduate of the Crissy Field Center leadership program. He spoke at the “Groundmaking” ceremony when we began construction of Presidio Tunnel Tops, and again at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Presidio Tunnel Tops, where he met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Mayor London Breed. “This is like no experience or job I’ve ever had,” he said. “There’s so much good energy out at the Outpost.”

The guides are not only having fun, but they’re also making things fun for visitors. “We teach the kids about nature, and we have little secret activities for the kids,” Dylan shared. “One activity involves hiding seashells around the Outpost. I love it when the kids are really intrigued and they’re searching for the shells – there’s so much energy and excitement in their voices. It feels good to be here and it’s really inspirational to be outside and in a park.”

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