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Crissy Marsh with the Golden Gate Bridge.

Tennessee Hollow Trail

After years of habitat restoration, nature's comeback story is on display along this nature trail.


Main Post Region, Southern Wilds Region, Crissy Field Region

Use Type

Pedestrian-only Trail

Top Amenities

Paid Parking, Free Parking, Golden Gate View, Muni Bus-accessible, Shuttle-accessible


The Tennessee Hollow Trail is a 1.5-mile adventure through habitat restoration within the Presidio’s largest watershed.

Enter the trail at the south end at Presidio Wall Playground to see a view of the gorgeous valley below.

Head north to El Polín Spring, restored in 2011. You’ll see wildflowers, hummingbirds, and butterflies, along with remnants of one of San Francisco’s first residential neighborhoods, once home to healer Juana Briones.

Continue down the residential street of MacArthur Avenue. Where the trail meets Lovers Lane, you’ll find MacArthur Meadow, where all three streams in the watershed come together. This area was restored in 2017 with 23,000 plants representing 60 native species.

Follow MacArthur Avenue to Presidio Boulevard, and cross through the YMCA Reach, a riparian corridor and seasonal freshwater wetland. A few years ago, you’d be standing in a parking lot. Now, you’re surrounded by Yerba Buena, Indian paintbrush, and seep monkey flower.

Then, just past Lincoln Boulevard, you’ll come upon Wayburn Redwood Grove and Thompson Reach, where in 2006 a former Army landfill was transformed into a creek and riparian habitat. It was the first creek in the watershed to be “daylighted.”

From there, follow Girard Road under the Presidio Parkway to Quartermaster Reach Marsh, where the water from the Tennessee Hollow Watershed runs into Crissy Marsh and San Francisco Bay. In 2019, asphalt was removed creating 7-acres of new habitat for plants, fish, birdlife, and even the native Olympia oyster. The trail ends at Crissy Field East Beach and Crissy Marsh.

Presidio Trails Tip

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are at Presidio Wall Playground, El Polín Spring, and Crissy Field East Beach.


1.2 miles (1.9 kilometers)

Activity Level


Trail Surface

Gravel trail, boardwalk, and concrete sidewalks

Estimated Walking Time

45 minutes

Two people walking at El Polin Spring.
El Polin Spring is a hot spot for hummingbirds.
Bridge across MacArthur Meadow along the Tennessee Hollow Trail. Photo by Jesse Locks.
Bridge across MacArthur Meadow. Photo by Jesse Locks.
Trail through YMCA Reach.
Water from seasonal rains gather at YMCA Reach.
Redwood trees and trail at Wayburn Redwood Grove.
Wayburn Redwood Grove is a beautiful place to pause and reflect.
Native vegetation at Thompson Reach.
The creek at Thompson Reach was daylighted in 2005.
Crissy Marsh with the Golden Gate Bridge.
Water from the Tennessee Hollow Watershed flows into Quartermaster Reach Marsh. Photo by Myleen Hollero.

Getting to the Tennessee Hollow Trail

Tennessee Hollow Trail

Map of the Tennessee Hollow Trail


At the south end, begin the trail near Presidio Wall Playground. At the north end, pick it up at Crissy Field East Beach.

Parking & Public Transit

At the south end, very limited free parking is on West Pacific Avenue. At the north end, limited free parking is available near Crissy Field East Beach. To get to the Presidio by bus or shuttle, visit the Public Transit page.

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Lovers Lane trail sign.Lovers Lane at MacArthur Meadow.