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San Francisco National Cemetery in the Presidio. Photo by Jay Graham.

San Francisco National Cemetery

This military cemetery is the final resting place for 30,000 soldiers and their family members.


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Accessible Parking, Free Parking, Golden Gate View, Muni Bus-accessible, Shuttle-accessible

This cemetery is the resting place for 30,000 soldiers and their family members – and a destination for those seeking to connect with history

Established December 12, 1884, San Francisco National Cemetery is a historic site where you can learn about American military history through the stories of those buried there. Notable figures include Civil War generals, Medal of Honor recipients, Buffalo soldiers, and a Union spy.

Offering spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge in a peaceful setting, the cemetery is open daily to all who wish to respectfully explore and reflect. 

Getting to San Francisco National Cemetery

1 Lincoln Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94129

Map of the Presidio

By Public Transit

Muni Route: 43 Masonic

Stop: Presidio Transit Center

Directions: From Presidio Transit Center, San Francisco National Cemetery is a 0.5 mile walk west along the Presidio Promenade Trail.

By Presidio GO Shuttle

Route: Any

Stop: Presidio Transit Center

From Presidio Transit Center, San Francisco National Cemetery is a 0.5 mile walk west along the Presidio Promenade Trail.


Free parking is available inside the gates of San Francisco National Cemetery, located just off Lincoln Boulevard.

Why We Love San Francisco National Cemetery

Since 1884, the United States has buried service members with honor on the lush lands of San Francisco National Cemetery. Today, the Golden Gate Bridge is a stunning backdrop to this tranquil place where mourners, history enthusiasts, and park visitors come to pay quiet tribute to those we’ve lost.

Accessibility at SF National Cemetery

The cemetery offers parking spaces for those with mobility limitations.

Insider Tip

Another way to experience this beautiful resting place is to visit National Cemetery Overlook high in the Presidio forest above the cemetery. Reach it by a connector trail off the Bay Area Ridge Trail. From this contemplative, wheelchair-accessible vantage point, you can survey the entirety of the 28-acre historic cemetery and the bay and bridge beyond.

Grave markers decorated with USA flags

A Place to Experience the History of the Presidio

Family and friends come to San Francisco National Cemetery to remember those they’ve lost. It also welcomes visitors looking to connect with stories from the Presidio’s long history as a U.S. Army post.

History of San Francisco National Cemetery

After the U.S. Army took control of the Presidio, it established a small cemetery west of the Main Post. In 1884, the War Department established a larger National Cemetery on higher ground overlooking the bay. San Francisco National Cemetery is the first national cemetery on the west coast. In 1973, it stopped accepting new burials, except for family members with an existing plot.

How to Visit National Cemetery

San Francisco National Cemetery is managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs and is open daily from 6 am to 6 pm. All are welcome to visit.

Notable Figures

Those buried here include Pauline Cushman-Fryer, an actress turned heroic Union Spy, and Major Dana Crissy for whom Crissy Field is named.

Buffalo Soldiers

Over 450 Buffalo Soldiers are buried in San Francisco National Cemetery, including Pvt. William Thompkins, who took part in the rescue of wounded troops in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. Some Buffalo Soldiers were also part of units that were among the first to patrol the national parks. Learn more on the National Park Service website.

Memorial Day Tradition

Every Memorial Day, San Francisco Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts decorate each grave in the cemetery with an American flag.

Korean War Memorial

Established in 2016, the Korean War Memorial in the Presidio is located just outside the cemetery’s gate on Lincoln Boulevard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At capacity, the cemetery has been closed to new burials since 1973, except for those that already have a family plot. To learn about eligibility to be buried in a national cemetery, visit the Veterans Affairs website

Already in the park? Try the interactive gravesite locator at the Cemetery Lodge. Otherwise, request additional help locating gravesites at San Francisco National Cemetery by visiting the Veterans Affairs website.

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