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Exterior of the Round House Café in the Presidio of San Francisco, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Photo by Nate Fong.

Round House Cafe

Come for the coffee and stay for the stunning Golden Gate Bridge view.


Golden Gate Region


Food & Drink

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Dining Features

Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch, Coffee/Tea, Indoor Seating

Top Amenities

Accessible Restrooms, Golden Gate View, Muni Bus-accessible, Shuttle-accessible, Trail Connection

Take in 360-degree Golden Gate Bridge views and a delicious cup of coffee at this landmark café.

Originally opened as a roadside diner in 1938, Round House Café has been a source of warmth and nourishment for bridge visitors for more than 85 years. In 2021, Equator Coffees breathed new life into the historic space.  

The circular art deco building makes Round House Café one of the more unique restaurants in the Presidio. Fuel up with coffee, hot chocolate, pastries, sandwiches, soups, and salads before walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Map of the Presidio

By Public Transit

Muni Route: 28 

Stop: Golden Gate Bridge Parking Lot 

Golden Gate Transit Route: 101/130/150 

Stop: Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza 


Parking near the Golden Gate Bridge is very crowded. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge website for up-to-date details on lot locations. Additional parking can be found at the Battery East Parking Lot, a short walk away

Why We Love Round House Café

Round House Café is the most convenient place to get food and drink while exploring the Golden Gate Bridge and the nearby California Coastal Trail. Near the restaurant you’ll find the South Vista Point for the Golden Gate Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center.

Accessibility at the Round House Café

Accessible parking and restrooms are nearby. There is ramp access to the Round House Café.

Insider Tip

The Golden Gate Bridge is almost always windy, and often foggy. If you need another layer, pick up a sweatshirt of the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center.

Interior of the Roundhouse Café, with a barista making Equator Coffee. Photo by Myleen Hollero.Photo by Myleen Hollero.


Steeped in history but refreshed with a modern interior, Round House Café is the perfect place to take a break during your Golden Gate Bridge visit.

More Than Just Coffee 

Round House Café offers standard fare, like drip coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. And you’ll also find more adventurous offerings like the Habibi Latte, spiced with warming cardamom and cloves. 

Customers at the Roundhouse Café looking at the Golden Gate Bridge view. Photo by Myleen Hollero.
Photo by Myleen Hollero.

 Yes, There’s Toast 

Breakfast faves include Avocado Toast, with ricotta and Banana Toast with almond butter and local honey. For those seeking a heartier meal, there are sandwiches, the Quinoa Grain Bowl, and seasonal soups 

 Can’t Wait to Get Walking? 

If you are in a hurry to walk on the iconic span, order your coffee and food in advance on their website. 

 Coffee Can be a Force for Good 

Equator Coffees is local, founded in 1995 in Marin County. It was named the National Small Business of the Year by the Small Business Association in 2016, and is the first certified LGBTQ-owned business to receive this honor. 

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