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Quartermaster Reach Marsh in the Presidio with a bench and pedestrian bridge. Photo by Charity Vargas.

Quartermaster Reach Marsh

Find birdwatching, hiking, and total nature immersion at these restored wetlands.


Crissy Field Region


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Top Amenities

Paid Parking, Golden Gate View, Muni Bus-accessible, Shuttle-accessible, Trail Connection

Quartermaster Reach Marsh is an extraordinary habitat for native plants and wildlife and a beautiful place to experience nature and Golden Gate views.

The newly restored seven-acre tidal marsh connects freshwater from the Presidio’s largest watershed to the saltwater Crissy Marsh and ultimately to San Francisco Bay. The result is a unique habitat for birdwatching from the elevated pedestrian bridge, so bring your binoculars!

You can also pick up the Tennessee Hollow Trail here and trace the watershed all the way up to its springs.

Getting to Quartermaster Reach Marsh

Mason St & Halleck St, San Francisco, CA

Map of the Presidio

By Public Transit

  • Muni Route: 30
    Stop: Mason Street & Halleck Street
  • Muni Route: 28
    Stop: Richardson Avenue & Francisco Street

By Presidio GO Shuttle

Route: Downtown Route

Stop: Presidio Transit Center


Paid Crissy Field parking can be found in a lot just east of the marsh. There is additional free parking at the Crissy Field East Beach lot on the other side of Mason Street.

Why We Love the Quartermaster Reach Marsh

If you thought Crissy Field couldn’t get any better, now there’s another spot to birdwatch and take in the Golden Gate views as you walk along the Bay Trail SF.


It’s a flat walk from Mason Street and the section of the Tennessee Hollow Trail that leads to a bench overlooking the marsh.

Insider Tip

If you like to take unique walks in San Francisco, go for a two-mile stroll through the Presidio’s largest watershed, guided by the Tennessee Hollow Watershed Walk. You can pick up the trail at Quartermaster Reach Marsh, and you’ll learn a lot about nature and history along the way.

Pedestrian bridge at Quartermaster Reach Marsh in the Presidio.Photo by Myleen Hollero.


Restoration of Quartermaster Reach Marsh is the latest milestone in the 25-year revitalization of the Tennessee Hollow Watershed.

Restoring Presidio Wetlands

The saltwater marsh that was once here was filled with debris when the Doyle Drive highway was built through the Presidio in the 1930s. With the new Presidio Parkway design, we brought an 850-foot length of stream once contained in a pipe back to the surface. Culverts were installed under Mason Street so the fresh water could flow into Crissy Marsh. Staff and volunteers then planted 23,000 plants – including 40 species of saltmarsh and dune plants grown in the Presidio Nursery – to create habitat for migratory shorebirds and water animals like fish and crabs. The restored marsh opened in 2020. Learn about it all in this short video.

Birdwatching in San Francisco

The marsh attracts many of the 300+ bird species known to frequent the Presidio. You may see egrets, herons, shorebirds like the Killdeer and even the elusive Common Merganser.

Hikes in the Presidio

Quartermaster Reach Marsh is right off the Tennessee Hollow Trail [link to the Tennessee Hollow Trail page] and the Golden Gate Promenade/Bay Trail. So, it’s easy to stop here during a day in the park.

Stop by Presidio Tunnel Tops

The marsh is just east of Presidio Tunnel Tops, home to food trucks, restrooms, picnic areas, the Outpost nature playground.

U.S. Army History in the Area

The site is named for the U.S. Army’s Quartermaster Corps, which operated here when the Presidio was a military post. It was responsible for managing food, clothing, and other supplies.

Quartermaster Reach Marsh with the Golden Gate Bridge and a Muni bus in the background.
Photo by Charity Vargas.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Leashed dogs are permitted on the trail through the Quartermaster Reach Marsh.

The Tennessee Hollow Trail approximately 1.2 miles long; the final section before you reach Crissy Field East Beach is just under ¼ miles.

The closest restrooms are at Crissy Field East Beach and near the Outpost nature playground at Presidio Tunnel Tops.

Try the Presidio Pop Up food trucks, typically located to the west on Mason Street.

Nature Notes

It’s our goal to make sure people can enjoy the Presidio’s natural beauty for generations to come. We work to protect native plants and animals while reducing our impact on the environment.

Olympic Oysters Return

The culverts were designed with fiberglass panels and “reef balls” made from concrete and shells to bring back the native Olympic oyster.

Students shown with the “reef” balls created to attract the native Olympic oyster.Photo source:

Park Itineraries

Need help planning your day at the Presidio? We’ve put together some itinerary ideas for things to see and do in the park. Whether you’re planning to spend a few hours or an entire day, there’s something for everyone at the Presidio.