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Korean War Memorial Plaza in the Presidio of San Francisco.

Korean War Memorial

This memorial is a peaceful place to honor those who served and sacrificed in the Korean War.


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Top Amenities

Golden Gate View, Free Parking, Muni Bus-accessible, Shuttle-accessible

The Presidio’s Korean War Memorial pays homage to those who served and sacrificed in what some veterans have termed “the forgotten war.”

During the Korean War (June 25, 1950, to July 27, 1953), 37,000 Americans and one million Koreans lost their lives.

To honor those who served and sacrificed, the Korean War Memorial Foundation and the Presidio Trust partnered to bring a new Korean War Memorial to the Presidio.

Located just outside San Francisco National Cemetery on the Presidio’s Main Post, the site was unveiled in 2016. Its tranquil plaza overlooking San Francisco Bay is the newest place to experience a chapter in the history of the Presidio.

Map of the Presidio

By Public Transit

Muni Route: 43 Masonic
Stop: Presidio Transit Center

By Presidio GO Shuttle

Route: Any
Stop: Presidio Transit Center
Directions: From Transit Center, the Korean War Memorial is a 0.5 mile walk along the Presidio Promenade Trail.


There are four free parking spaces next to the Korean War Memorial, with no time restrictions.

Why We Love Korean War Memorial

According to the late military veteran Wallace Levine, many refer to the conflict that took place in Korea from 1950 to 1953 as “the forgotten war.” Today, the legacies and sacrifices of those who served are properly honored at the Presidio’s Korean War Memorial — one of many unique memorials park visitors can experience.



Accessibility at Korean War Memorial

There is one parking space for those with mobility limitations next to the Korean War Memorial. There is bench seating at the memorial. The closest accessible restrooms are at the Presidio Transit Center.

Insider Tip

The Korean War Memorial is just outside the gate of San Francisco National Cemetery in the Presidio. A visit to both will connect you to the personal sacrifices made by those serving in the armed forces.

Visitors at the Korean War Memorial granite wall.Photo by Dan Friedman.

Honoring an Important Chapter in American History

Built by the Korean War Memorial Foundation and the Presidio Trust, this memorial located just outside San Francisco National Cemetery is open for all to experience.

Opening to the Public

The Korea War Memorial Foundation led the charge to create the memorial, with support from the Presidio Trust. It was dedicated on August 1, 2016, becoming one of eight memorials in the Presidio .

Experience the Memorial

The memorial’s focal point is a long, gently curving 10-foot wall made of polished black granite. It consists of panels laser-etched with iconic images and text interpreting the events of the war.

The granite wall at the Korean War Memorial.
Photo by Charity Vargas.

Make it a Full Presidio Experience

The Korean War Memorial is located between Presidio Tunnel Tops and Battery Bluffs Park. Enjoy a meal or picnic with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay during your visit.

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The nearest restrooms are located 0.5 miles away at Presidio Transit Center.

The closest full-service restaurant is Colibri Mexican Bistro, located inside the Presidio Officers’ Club. If you are visiting on a weekend, enjoy the free history exhibitions in the Officers’ Club during your trip.

Park Itineraries

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