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Earth Wall in the Presidio Officers’ Club in the Presidio of San Francisco. Photo by Manali Sibthorpe.

Andy Goldsworthy’s Earth Wall

Peek beneath the surface with Earth Wall, the Presidio’s fourth Andy Goldsworthy art installation.


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History abounds at the Presidio Officers’ Club, now home to Earth Wall, the park’s fourth installation by renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Like nearby Tree Fall, Earth Wall asks viewers to think about what separates “nature” from “built.” In Goldsworthy’s signature style, he made Earth Wall with materials found on site. The sculpture’s six-foot wide sphere was shaped using naturally curved Presidio eucalyptus branches. Clay taken from the courtyard during the Officers’ Club renovation was used to bury the sculpture within a rammed earth wall. Goldsworthy then partially dug out the sphere, evoking the sense of discovery that accompanies archaeology research at the Presidio. 

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Paid parking is available a large lot at the intersection of Moraga Avenue and Graham Street.

Why We Love Earth Wall

Earth Wall offers a nod to the ongoing seasonal archaeology dig near the Presidio Officers’ Club as well as to the gradual revitalization of the park’s aging man-made forest, visible just above the courtyard wall where the sculpture is located. 

Accessibility at Earth Wall

The Presidio Officers’ Club, including restrooms, is wheelchair accessible. Parking for those with mobility limitations is nearby. 

Insider Tip 

The Presidio is the home to the largest collection of Andy Goldsworthy works on public view in North America. Experience all four of his installations – Spire, Tree Fall, Wood Line, and Earth Wall — by hiking on a three-mile loop led by the Goldsworthy in the Presidio guide. The walk encompasses parts of Lovers’ Lane, the Mountain Lake Trail, and the Ecology Trail.

A group of children visiting Earth Wall.Photo by Erin Conger.

Something New in the Presidio's Oldest Building

Earth Wall in the Hardie Courtyard at the Presidio Officers’ Club.

This Andy Goldsworthy Presidio sculpture is a special treat in a destination already brimming with cool experiences for visitors.

Visit During Saturday History Exhibition Hours

Earth Wall is available for public view on Saturdays from 11 am to 4 ​pm.​​ This is when the Presidio Officers’ Club free history exhibitions are open to the public.

Eat at Colibri Mexican Bistro

If you’ve worked up an appetite visiting the Presidio Officers’ Club, cap your day with a tasty meal (or cocktail) at the adjacent (and delicious!) Colibri Mexican Bistro, open daily.

Private Events

If you love Earth Wall, you can rent the Hardie Courtyard where it’s located for your private event. It’s one of many spots in the Presidio Officers’ Club available for special events.

Digging into History

As part of his inspiration for Earth Wall, Goldsworthy drew on Presidio’s reputation as one of the only national park sites in the country currently hosting an active seasonal archaeological dig.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The sculpture is inside Presidio Officers’ Club in the open-air Hardie Courtyard. 

You can see Earth Wall when the Presidio Officers’ Club public history exhibitions are open, which is currently Saturdays from 11 am to 4 pm. 

No, it’s free to all. 

To see how the art sculpture was created, watch this fascinating short video.


Earth Wall was completed in tandem with the renovation of the Presidio Officers’ Club, which reopened in 2014. 

Andy Goldsworthy standing in front of Earth Wall during construction in 2014.

I feel all sorts of things when I stand in front of [Earth Wall]. And the people who’ve come in here and expressed opinions have also. One guy said this looks like the rendering of images of the core of the earth. And you know, it’s the exact same thing that apparently is going on in the core of the earth, which is a beautiful idea - to go beyond the surface appearance of things. It’s a very important one for me”

Andy Goldsworthy

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