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Temporary Presidio Road Closures to Study Effects on Traffic


September 17, 2009 (Presidio of San Francisco) — The Presidio Trust will undertake a month-long traffic management study from September 29 to October 27 to examine how various traffic calming measures, including some short-term road closures, will affect traffic conditions on the major streets and gateways in the park and in surrounding neighborhoods. Traffic calming measures are intended to maintain safety in the park by reducing the speed of traffic and discouraging use of the park as a cut-through route.

“The number of people living, working, and visiting the Presidio is increasing. There are more children playing in the park, and more pedestrians, runners, hikers, and cyclists using the park,” said Craig Middleton, Presidio Trust Executive Director. “The findings from this study will help the Trust plan for the important changes coming to the Presidio in the next few years.”

Recent traffic counts indicate that about fifty percent of vehicle trips through the Presidio are headed to destinations outside of the park.

Presidio Boulevard will be closed between West Pacific Avenue and Upper Simonds Loop during the study period, along with a few smaller park streets. The Trust will also install several permanent measures to slow traffic, including stop signs and speed cushions. The study is taking place now because normal traffic patterns in and around the park will be altered by activity from the Doyle Drive Replacement Project beginning later this fall. (

“I am pleased that the Trust is undertaking this study,” said Amy Meyer, a park advocate and long-time supporter of the Presidio, “The park should be a safe and welcoming place for park visitors, not a major thoroughfare for people going to other places.”

The replacement of Doyle Drive will result in new traffic patterns in the Presidio. A new interchange in the northeastern corner of the park will become a significant new gateway and may increase the use of Presidio Boulevard as a cut-through route to the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Presidio Trust has an active Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program which uses environmentally responsible strategies to improve mobility within the park. “The Presidio Trust offers an array of alternative transportation opportunities including the free PresidiGo shuttle, access to MUNI and car share, extensive bike routes and trails, plus guaranteed ride home and regional car and van pool matching programs,” said Chris Weeks, Transportation Operations Specialist for the Presidio Trust. “We hope that an increasing number of park users will choose to use these less impactful transportation modes whenever possible.”

Notification signs will be posted two weeks before the study begins to alert motorists to the changes. Implementation of the study is being coordinated with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. MUNI and PresidiGo shuttle services will be unaffected.

After the study is concluded, the Trust will share the results with the Presidio community and the public.

From September 29 to October 27, key roadway changes will include:

  • Closure of Presidio Boulevard to vehicles between West Pacific Avenue and Upper Simonds Loop
  • Closure to vehicles of the one-way uphill portion of Crissy Field Avenue
  • Speed cushions (bumps) inside the Arguello Gate
  • All-way stop-control at the Lincoln/Kobbe intersection

The public is invited to share comments on the roadway changes by emailing

The Presidio Trust was established by the United States Congress in 1996 to oversee the Presidio of San Francisco, an urban national park located at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. The 1,500-acre site contains expansive open space and spectacular views, a 300-acre historic forest, and rare and endangered plants and wildlife. It also comprises nearly 6 million square feet of buildings, including 469 historic structures that contribute to its status as a National Historic Landmark District.

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