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People in construction vests pose in a lot.

Working at the Presidio Trust

Working at the Presidio Trust means being part of something bigger.

Working at the Presidio Trust means being part of something bigger.

We’re leaving a legacy for those who will enjoy this magnificent park long after we’re gone. If you’re inspired by history, nature, and creating inviting experiences for living, working, recreation, and discovery, consider joining the Presidio Trust team.

Our Core Values

Our work is guided by our core values.

Service: We take pride in our work and bring our best effort every day to serve the public, our residents and tenants, and each other.

Inclusiveness: We value differences, listen to learn, communicate honestly, deal fairly with each other and the public, and actively work to create a welcoming, equitable, and respectful environment for all.

Stewardship: We celebrate the Presidio’s legacy as a national park site and National Historic Landmark by making sure the resources in our care can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Responsibility: We use our time and money wisely so we earn the trust of our colleagues and the public.

Sustainability: We honor the environment by combatting climate change, protecting biodiversity, and reducing the impact of our operations.


About the Presidio

The Presidio is truly unique among America’s parks.

First home to the Ohlone and long an Army post, today the Presidio is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the most visited urban national park in the country.

Visitors enjoying Presidio Tunnel Tops.
Photo by Rachel Styer.

The Presidio is a place of contrasts. It’s a city within a city and an oasis for rare wildlife and wildflowers. It’s a global destination and a bus ride away for millions in the culturally diverse Bay Area. It’s a public park and a place where people live and work. And most uniquely, unlike other national parks, the Presidio Trust, a federal agency, manages the Presidio with limited taxpayer dollars, funding the park by repurposing historic buildings as award-winning museums, restaurants, hotels, gyms, offices, shops, event venues, and homes.

While a treasured landmark, the Presidio is always transforming to be relevant and meaningful for its time. It’s a place constantly in the making, re-shaped and supported by the community it serves. Its buildings and landscapes act as a living laboratory where approaches for making the world a better place are tested, from how we restore wetlands to how we foster inclusive public programs. We proudly share lessons learned with parks and communities around the world.

Who We Are

Presidio Trust staff member painting a wall.

Given the complexity of our mission, our team has a surprisingly diverse set of capabilities.

People work both in the Presidio and remotely, depending on the task at hand.

Our staff includes people who keep the park’s buildings, landscapes, and infrastructure in great shape and who welcome visitors. Planners and construction managers guide projects to improve natural areas, rehabilitate historic buildings, and create visitor amenities. Others manage businesses that fund the park, from residential and commercial leasing to hospitality. Marketing and community engagement teams share the park with everyone. Administrative, legal, financial, and contracting staff manage a steady stream of core activities.

The Presidio Trust also has the need for unique specialists – such as arborists, water treatment plant operators, high voltage workers, IT specialists, ecologists, and data analysts.

Who We Look For

Presidio Trust staff member on stairs waving at the camera.

When we add to our team, we seek people dedicated to public service, open to learning, and who want to keep changing and growing, just like the park we steward.

We look for those who take pride in a job well done and are committed to producing great results, no matter their role. 

We’re a great fit for those who love to improve and adapt based on new information and insights. And we’re drawn to people with a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, skills, and life experiences, and who are who are energized by rising to challenges together. 

Given the complexity of sustaining such an unusual national park site, people who exhibit resiliency and can keep work through challenges with persistency and ingenuity to achieve a collective vision will thrive here. And the characteristic that unites all who work at the Presidio is a passion for our park mission, our values, and service to the greater good.

Contact Us

Presidio Trust Employee Support Services is here to help.


Phone: (415) 561-5405

An American flag flies over the Presidio. Photo by Plus M Productions.