Andy Goldsworthy's Wood Line

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​​​​​​​​Visitors walking down Lovers' Lane​ probably don't realize that they're just steps away from an iconic work by one of the world's most renowned artists, Andy Goldsworthy. But peek into the nearby eucalyptus grove and you might see a gaggle of children balancing on a curvy line of branches tucked into the forest floor. This is Wood Line, the second work by the artist in his ongoing exploration of the Presidio, especially its man-made forest.

Begun in 2010 and completed a year later, Wood Line offers a stark contrast with Goldsworthy's first Presidio piece, the towering Spire . Whereas Spire calls upon viewers to look up, Wood Line invites you to contemplate where the life of a tree begins…the fertile earth.

On this very site in the late 1800s, the Army planted eucalyptus with rows of Monterey cypress interspersed, part of its program to create a green canopy all around the Presidio. Conditions did not favor the cypress and they died out, leaving open gaps.

Wood Line fills one of these gaps with a quiet, graceful, sinuous sculpture that, in the artist's words, "draws the place." Made up of eucalyptus branches sourced from various park projects that required tree removal, the sculpture is more than 1,200 feet in length. Wood Line will one day fade back into the earth, but until then, don't miss this chance to experience a visionary take on the Presidio's ever-changing landscape. To access restrooms, food, and transportation options after your visit, head north on Lovers' Lane to reach the Main Post.

Goldsworthy's four Presidio pieces – Spire ,   Wood Line Tree Fall​ , and  Earth Wall   – can be visited individually or explored together via a three-mile hiking loop. View the map in the Goldsworthy in the Presidio brochure. Guided art hikes are held regularly – check the Events calendar.​

Wood Line was made possible by the non-profit FOR-SITE Foundation, in partnership with the Presidio Trust.

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