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Red-tailed hawk mother and two eggs in nest

Apr 15, 2022

Watch the Webcam of the Raptor’s Nest in the Presidio

The Presidio’s Red-tailed Hawk pair have prepared a nest 100 feet up in a blue gum eucalyptus tree.


It’s springtime and the beginning of nesting season for hummingbirds and raptors (aka, birds of prey, such as the eagle, hawk, owl, or falcon). The Presidio’s resident Red-tailed Hawk pair have been hard at work preparing their nest 100 feet up in one of the Presidio’s blue gum eucalyptus trees for their expanding family. In mid-March the mamma hawk laid two eggs and in 28-35 days the first baby hawks of the season should hatch.

You can follow along on the journey by watching the live Raptor Cam. It’s extraordinary to have the opportunity to watch these birds up close in their natural habitat. So far, we’ve seen the two hawks trade off on incubation duties, pappa hawk bring mamma hawk a small rodent for lunch, and hours of the primal extinct to care for offspring.

Fun Facts

  • The Presidio is an important stop on the Pacific Flyway, the major north-south flyway for migratory birds, which means it’s a hotspot for birdwatching with 323 different types of birds spotted (so far!) in the park.
  • Around this time of year, plenty of birds stop-off in the Presidio to build, or rehabilitate, a nest for the season.
  • It usually takes between 3-7 days for Red-tailed Hawks to build a nest, or in this case, prep the nest for the season.
  • Mated pairs of Red-tailed hawks are monogamous and usually stay together for life.
  • Red-tailed Hawks can be the size of a small dog, yet only weigh about three pounds.
  • Red-tailed Hawks generally hold a territory of 1.5-2.0 square miles, but territories may be larger if less food is available.
  • The Presidio is a fantastic place for birdwatching especially at bird-frie​ndly places like Mountain Lake, El Polin Spring, and Crissy Marsh.