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Trio of volunteers planting in ground

Jan 18, 2019

Trending: Clones of Ancient Redwoods Planted in the Presidio

A non-profit helped Presidio foresters plant redwood saplings cloned from ancient tree stumps.


In late 2018, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, a nonprofit that creates “living libraries of old-growth tree genetics,” donated and helped Presidio foresters and volunteers plant 75 redwood saplings cloned from ancient tree stumps.

This isn’t just a reforestation effort, it’s also a conservation effort. Just one mature redwood tree can remove 250 tons of greenhouse gas from our atmosphere. This effort to preserve our native wildlife and give ancient trees a new life is setting the standard for environmental recovery. It also garnered a great deal of interest – it was featured in 100 news articles across the nation.

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Photo credit: Mother Nature Network