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Sunrise and Andy Goldsworthy's Spire

Feb 20, 2020

Presidio's Greatest Lists: Four Breathtaking Art Installations in the Presidio

The renowned artist explores the Presidio through art installations made with repurposed materials.


Photo by Jay Graham

World-renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy explores the complexity of the Presidio through four incredible art installations—all made with repurposed materials found here in the park. Visit these beautiful art pieces through a guided art hike, or discover them on your own through a self-guided walk.

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1. Spire

Photo by Charity Vargas

Goldsworthy was inspired to create his first Presidio art installation, Spire, when he learned the Presidio’s aging forest is being gradually replanted so it will thrive for generations. It’s made the trunks of dying trees taken down in 2008. As the young cypress planted around the 95-foot sculpture grow tall, Spire is fated to fade into the forest – like the old trees welcoming the new.

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2. Wood Line

Photo by Brian Vahey

Located next to the Presidio’s oldest footpath, Lovers’ Lane, Goldsworthy’s graceful Wood Line extends 1,200 feet on the forest floor. It’s made from eucalyptus branches formed into a sinuous line through the majestic trees. Wood Line invites play — children (and big kids) can often be seen tracing its path.

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3. Tree Fall

Photo by Charity Vargas

Located in the Presidio’s historic Powder Magazine, a small structure on the Main Post dating from the Civil War, Goldsworthy’s Tree Fall is comprised of a tree branch suspended from the domed roof so that the sculpture does not touch or alter the historic walls. Its open for free docent-led tours every weekend from noon to 3 pm.

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4. Earth Wall

Photo by Erin Conger, YMCA of SF

Earth Wall is located in the courtyard at the historic Presidio Officers’ Club museum and cultural center. It’s a half sphere made out of curved eucalyptus branches sourced from fallen trees in the park. A short film and a photo booklet describing the construction process are available for view at the Welcome Desk at the Officers’ Club.

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