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Bench at Quartermaster Reach Marsh with bay view

Aug 15, 2019

Presidio Nature: Restoring Marshland at the Presidio’s Quartermaster Reach Marsh

The Presidio Trust replaced seven acres of asphalt next to Crissy Field with new marshland.


In late 2019, the Presidio Trust broke ground on one of its most transformative environmental restoration projects to date, replacing seven acres of asphalt adjacent to Crissy Field with beautiful new marshland.


Construction vehicles on site with Golden Gate Bridge in the background


Quartermaster Reach Marsh bay view

Photo Charity Vargas

The project links the national park’s largest watershed — known as Tennessee Hollow — to San Francisco Bay through Crissy Marsh, creating a new destination known as Quartermaster Reach Marsh. It’s the latest step in a 20-year effort by the Presidio Trust, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and the National Park Service to return streams once moved underground by the Army back to the surface, creating precious habitat for native plants and wildlife as well as up-close experiences of nature for visitors.


Woman in safety vest digging dirt for plants in nursery pots


Plants and grassland next to bridges and buildings in the background.

Photo Charity Vargas

Visitors can now enjoy an up-close experience of nature along an elevated pedestrian bridge and trail that winds through the marsh. Native salt marsh and riparian plants grown at the Presidio Nursery create an extraordinary habitat for fish, crabs, and oysters. Bring your binoculars – Quartermaster Reach is a great place for birding.

For the first time, visitors can use this new section of the Tennessee Hollow Trail to walk from Crissy Field’s East Beach, through Quartermaster Reach, under the Presidio Parkway, and along the 1.2 route tracing the watershed’s springs to their origin near Inspiration Point.

White bird in waters

Photo Charity Vargas

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