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Headshot of Trevor Ditzler, Senior Director of the Presidio Community YMCA

Jan 9, 2024

PlaceMakers: Presidio Community YMCA’s Trevor Ditzler Talks Recreation and Wellness

Learn about the Presidio Community YMCA's deep roots in the park.

Trevor Ditzler joined the Presidio Community YMCA as their new Senior Executive Director in October of 2023. Trevor is passionate about getting youth outdoors and engaging people in wellness. We talked to him about the changes in the Presidio Community YMCA’s offerings and his favorite spot in the park. 


What’s something you’re excited about at the Presidio Community YMCA?  

We’re proud to lease the only tennis courts in the Presidio and have started to take that stewardship seriously. We’d love to increase our collaboration with other park tenants, businesses, and residents in terms of use. We have business relationships with other tenants and provide discounts. Our goal is to expand wellness throughout the Presidio, which inspired our tagline: “Be, Belong, Become.”  

External photo of Presidio Community YMCA. Features the side of the building with plants in front of the sign that says Post Gymnasium

The YMCA organization as a whole has deep roots in the Presidio with its presence first established in 1898 when it served as a place for enlisted men to recreate while stationed at. the post. It also acted as support for our veterans as they adjusted back to civilian life. How does the Presidio inspire your business today?  

Mainly through the physical environment and by being located within a national park. We’re one of the only YMCA’s in the United States that’s located within a national park. We’re inspired to collaborate with the Presidio Trust and other park organizations to bring BIPOC and other under resourced communities to the park with a variety of programs, available to age-groups ranging from youth to adult.  

We believe that more people should share in the bounty of the Presidio. So we’re also partnering with some the of city’s middle schools and high schools to involve students and their families in nature activities in the Presidio and beyond. And we’re expanding our alignment with Veterans Affairs, offering low and no-cost use of our facilities, bringing us back to our roots. 

What’s your favorite place in the Presidio?  

Chef and owner of Cafe RX, Rogelio Colindres, standing in front of the window where customers can order food.


Café Rx is my spot for breaks. I love to have Café Rx food and take it outside to eat so I can enjoy my park surroundings. The space satiates not only my hunger, but my need for community. The employees are so attentive to everyone and they seem to know everyone’s name. I love sitting in the little round that used to be the Letterman Hospital. 

I’ve been exploring the entire park and I’m loving all of it. It’s all incredible.