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Gym owner, Jean, assisting a client through exercises.

Feb 12, 2024

PlaceMaker: A Body of Work’s Jean Sullivan Discusses Building her Business in the Presidio

Learn about what makes this fitness studio unique.

2024 marked the 25 years of business for A Body of Work! In 2002, Jean Sullivan moved her three-year-old business into the Presidio and she’s been loving the views and open spaces of the park ever since. 

We sat down with Jean to discuss this milestone and what makes her studio so unique. 

Headshot of Jean Sullivan, owner of A Body of Work

Is there anything you’d like to share about your business and what makes you unique?  

A Body of Work has always been a small studio that’s very intimate and private. We provide group classes with the individualized attention our clients have come to expect. Our classes have a maximum of four people, so you get a lot of one-on-one time. We’re known for what we can do for people who have injuries and rehab needs and a lot of our clients are a little bit older and have aches and pains or injuries they’re looking to recover from completely. All of our clients consider A Body of Work a second home, and so do our trainers. A lot of the clients and trainers have been with me for my tenure, which I’m very proud of. 







What’s something special about having a business in Presidio compared to a location in other parts of the city?  

Gym owner, Jean, assisting a client through exercises.

Our clients love being in the Presidio. We have a lot of natural light from having both north and south-facing windows. [This place is] healing and energizing.  

What’s some of your favorite spots in the Presidio?  

beauty shot of Crissy field overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

I do a daily walk, a three-mile loop down to Crissy Field and [Presidio] Tunnel Tops. I take my bike to work and so for a break I’ll do a fun loop through the Presidio. I love being able to get fresh ocean air. I love all the activities in the bay; how it’s different every day. I absolutely love birds. I’m a big fan of pelicans.