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As Seen At: Get a Free Ride to your National Park on the PresidiGo Shuttle

Mar 22, 2018

As Seen At: Get a Free Ride to your National Park on the Presidio Go Shuttle

Meet riders on the Presidio GO Shuttle, which offers free rides to and around the Presidio.


Did you know our free Presidio Go Shuttle operates seven days a week and gets riders to and from downtown San Francisco, and all around the park? As we gear up for a season of Presidio Picnic, one of the best ways to avoid traffic hassles is to take Presidio Go! Shuttles have bike racks for two bikes, so they can be a great way to get into the park for a ride. They drop visitors at the Transit Center, where you’ll find restrooms and the Presidio Visitor Center.

We checked in with Presidio Go passengers – everyone from visitors, to volunteers, to park employees – to get their impressions about this handy mode of transportation. We even spoke to one of our dedicated Presidio Go Shuttle drivers! We asked them, How are you using the Presidio Go Shuttle, and do you have any favorite spots in the Presidio?

Learn more about the Presidio Go Shuttle and plan a visit to the park >>

Zel and Melissa – Florida

Zel and Melissa in front of shuttle

Melissa: We’re visiting San Francisco from Florida. We got a Presidio map while we were downtown and it had information about the free PresidiGo Shuttle. We had planned to come to the Presidio while we were here, but when we learned the PresidiGo could bring us straight here from downtown, I was like, “Wow – that’s even better!” Plus it’s free – can’t beat that.

Zel: This is our first visit to the Presidio. This morning we visited Crissy Field and – of course – we saw the Golden Gate Bridge. We also took a tour of the Fort Point National Historic Site. When we were done, we hopped on the Presidio Go Shuttle at Crissy Field and that brought us here to the Transit Center! And before we leave, we have to head over to the Letterman Digital Arts Center to see the Yoda statue.

Ulla – Walnut Creek, CA

Ulla seated inside shuttle

Ulla: I’m a volunteer at the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center. I assist the staff there with answering questions from park visitors about where to go and what to see in the Presidio. I use the PresidiGo Shuttle every time I come here to volunteer, which is twice a week. I use the Downtown Presidio Go shuttle to get in to the park – it drops me off at the Transit Center, and then from there I take the Around the Park Presidio Go shuttle that brings me right to the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center.

During my personal time, I love to walk from the Transit Center all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge via the Presidio Promenade Trail – I love the beautiful views all along the way!

Franky – Oakland CA

Franky next to shuttle

Franky: I’m the front desk agent/concierge at the Inn at the Presidio. I heard of the PresidiGo Shuttle when I began looking to work at the Inn and it was a total game changer. If it wasn’t for the PresidiGo Shuttle, I may not have been able to take the job. It’s such a life saver! I take it every single day to and from the Embarcadero BART station.

My favorite spot in the Presidio is San Francisco National Cemetery. It’s so beautiful and peaceful and the views are great.

Andy – Charlotte, NC

Andy next to shuttle

Andy: I spent my morning exploring Crissy Field and while enjoying lunch down there at the Warming Hut Café, I asked for advice on how to get around and take advantage of my time here. A woman suggested the PresidiGo Shuttle, so I just took my very first Presidio Go ride from Crissy Field up here to the Main Post.

I love all the history of the Presidio. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the old military buildings – it’s amazing how intact they are.

Jeff – San Francisco CA

Jeff in front of shuttle

Jeff: I live in the Swords to Plowshares Veterans Academy​ in the park and I love the Presidio Go! I think it’s an excellent form of transportation. I first heard about it when I moved to the Presidio four and a half years ago, and I’ve been taking it frequently ever since. It’s great…and it’s free! I use the Presidio Go constantly when heading downtown to get groceries.

Crissy Field is probably my favorite place in the Presidio. I also enjoy the Presidio Live weekly free cultural events at the Officers’ Club.

Warren – Pittsburg, CA

Warren behind shuttle wheel

Warren: I’ve been working in the Presidio for three years now and I really like driving in the park! I meet lots of tourists, and I love to tell them all about the Presidio. My favorite route to drive is Around the Park – Crissy Field and Crissy Field is my favorite spot in the park. It’s such a beautiful place and there’s always so much activity. I like to see everyone jogging and enjoying the beach. I also enjoy driving the Downtown Presidio Go Shuttle. On that route, I get to drive people that live and work here. I’m happy that I can assist them with their commute.