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Trust Invites Mid-Crissy Finalists to Revise Proposals


​​​Presidio of San Francisco (November 21, 2013) — The Board of Directors of the Presidio Trust reaffirmed this week its strong commitment to accomplishing an outcome in the Mid-Crissy area that will protect the park and bring long-term benefit to the Presidio and its visitors.

At its meeting on Tuesday, the Board expressed enthusiasm and appreciation for the proposals it has received to develop the scenic site, as well as thanks for the outpouring of public interest.

“I want to thank the teams for participating in such a robust and transparent public process,” said Nancy Bechtle, Chair of the Trust Board. “In the interest of having the best project possible for the Presidio, we want to provide one more opportunity for teams to adjust their proposals before we make a selection.”

In November 2012, when it offered the opportunity to redevelop this magnificent site on the edge of Crissy Field, the Trust set out six goals for the project. Having reviewed a large number of public comments, the Board is now focusing on three significant areas of concern: achieving more clarity about program; ensuring that physical improvements (buildings and landscapes) are compatible with the Presidio; and satisfying the objective for economic viability. The Trust has raised these issues with teams, and hopes that proposals will be revised in the next few weeks in ways that address these primary concerns.

“We agree with the public that this is one of the most important and magnificent places in the world,” said Craig Middleton, Executive Director of the Trust, “The quality of the proposals and the level of public interest sustain our desire to see something wonderful happen here.”

Revised proposals will be due by January 3, 2014. At that time, the Trust will post any revisions on its website. The Trust will hold a public meeting of the Board of Directors in January to discuss the revisions and hear from the public. The Board will not make a decision about the future direction for the Mid-Crissy site until after the public meeting. Any final decision as to a project will occur at the conclusion of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) process, which provides for additional public comment opportunities.

“The Board also understands that it holds the option of not necessarily selecting any team at this point. Such is the importance of the site that we take seriously our duty to do right by it, even if that means waiting,” said Bechtle.

The Trust continues to welcome public comments via email, mail, or in person in January.

About the Presidio Trust: The Presidio Trust, a federal agency, is an innovation in the management of a treasured American place. The Trust was created to save the Presidio and transform it for a new national purpose. The Trust’s vision is that the Presidio will be forever a public place: vital to the Bay Area, important to all Americans, and recognized for achieving broad benefits for the nation. Today, the Presidio welcomes visitors, is home to a vibrant community of residents and tenants, and inspires greater good through programs that draw on its history and natural resources. The Presidio Trust serves the public with events, lodging, venues, and recreational opportunities.

For photo simulations and full statement from the Presidio Trust Board of Directors visit​​​.

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