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Off the Grid and the Presidio Trust announce the return of an Expanded Twilight at the Presidio


​​​​​​San Francisco, Ca (March 9, 2015) Off the Grid and the Presidio Trust are pleased to announce the return of Twilight at the Presidio. The 2015 season, beginning Thursday, April 2, expands on an already winning formula that has become one of San Francisco’s marquee evening events. The new Twilight doubles the fireside cabanas and offers a more extensive live music line up to go with delicious offerings from some of San Francisco’s favorite eateries and food trucks. In addition, live music will be played to enhance the campfire feel of the evening.

Twilight at the Presidio, a truly unique evening picnic event, comes complete with lantern-lit dining cabanas, cabana-side cocktail service, Adirondack chairs, fire pits, live music, and views of the sun setting over the Bay. Capitalizing on the iconic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the nostalgia of snacking and conversing next to an open fire, Twilight is a prime location for a family outing, a first date, or dinner with friends.

Food and drinks will be served either fireside or in cabanas, and bar service will be onsite and available for delivery to cabanas and fire pits. The 2015 Twilight season will feature a bi-weekly rotating lineup of 10 food trucks including some favorites: The Chairman, The Boneyard, Doc’s of the Bay, Korean Bobcha, Taco Guys, El Sur, Crab Lab, SAJJ, Cheese Gone Wild, Johnny Doughnuts, Pagan Fire Pizza, Lobsta Truck, Odang Udon, Kokio Republic, Bacon Bacon, KoJa Kitchen, Kenny’s Heart and Soul, An the Go, Fins of the Hoof, Garden Creamery.

Off the Grid: Twilight at the Presidio 
 Dates:    Every Thursday starting April 2, 2015 
 Time:     5:00pm – 9:00pm  

About Off the Grid

Off the Grid began in June 2010 with the simple idea that grouping Street Food vendors together would create an experience allowing neighbors to connect with friends, and families to reconnect with each other. Since then Off the Grid has worked hard to develop markets that are both located in urban cores of cities, and that utilize spaces that are not easily activated effectively throughout the day. Currently, Off the Grid operates 40 weekly markets in the greater Bay Area, and works with over 175 vendors weekly. At its core, Off the Grid believes in the power of a shared food experience to connect communities.

About the Presidio Trust

The Presidio Trust is a distinctive federal agency created to save the Presidio of San Francisco, a historic Army base, and transform it for a new national purpose. Since 1998, the Trust has worked to catalyze ideas, partners, and resources from all sectors to protect the Presidio as a public place. In 2013, we reached a key milestone established by Congress and now care for the Presidio without annual taxpayer support. The Trust is guided by a clear vision for the future: To ensure that the Presidio will forever be a public place–vital to life in the Bay Area, valued by all Americans, and celebrated as an international destination.

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