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Mountain Lion Sightings Reported in the Presidio

​​​​​A joint press release of the Presidio Trust, the National Park Service, and SFACC


(San Francisco – July 7, 2015) Four Mountain Lion sightings have been reported in locations around San Francisco in recent days. Three of the sightings were made by members of the public and were not confirmed by experts, while one of the sightings was captured by a neighborhood security camera and clearly shows an adult Mountain Lion. The sightings occurred on the following dates, and are believed to be of the same animal:

  • ​​​​June 30: sightings in Sea Cliff and in the western Presidio
  • July 1: sighting in the 1000 block of Gough Street
  • July 3: sighting in southwest San Francisco near Lake Merced

The animal appears to be moving south and has not been seen since July 3. While there have been no Mountain Lion sightings in San Francisco in many years, and none this far north, sightings regularly occur throughout undeveloped areas of Marin and San Mateo.

The Presidio Trust, National Park Service, and San Francisco Animal Care and Control are working closely to monitor and manage the issue and to keep the community informed. Mountain Lions are naturally wary of humans and encounters between people and Mountain Lions are very rare.

The three agencies would like to remind the public of the following Mountain Lion safety guidelines:

  • ​Maintain eye contact.
  • Do not approach the Mountain Lion.
  • Make noise.
  • Do not turn your back or run.
  • Appear as big and threatening as possible.
  • Give the Mountain Lion room to run away. Do not corner it.

If the Mountain Lion appears threatening:

  • ​Pull children close to you and pick them up without crouching down.
  • Throw rocks sticks, water bottles, backpacks, and any heavy objects available to you.
  • Speak loudly and firmly. Wave your arms and clap your hands above your head.
  • Fight back if attacked. Do not play dead or lie down.

Be especially mindful between dusk and dawn. Be sure to keep pets on leash at all times.

Report a Sighting

Please report any suspected Mountain Lion sighting immediately using the contact information below. Early reporting assists us in our efforts to respond in coordination with California Fish and Wildlife.

Contact Us

Presidio Trust Media Relations

Lisa Petrie

(415) 264-7787