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Presidio-Based Employee Housing

The Presidio Trust offers a housing preference to full-time, non-temporary, Presidio-based employees. 

A Presidio-based employee is someone who is employed by up to two non-residential tenant organizations, as certified by the Presidio Trust, working on a non-temporary basis at least 32 hours per week. Qualified non-residential tenants or sub-tenants are defined as those renting a minimum of 1,000 square feet or 501(c)(3) organizations. 

In an effort to accommodate our broad community, the Presidio Trust currently offers two Presidio-based employee housing programs: Public Safety Housing Program and 41 Moraga Avenue Apartments.

Please note that all Presidio employees are eligible to apply for any market rate housing unit.

To apply for a program, contact Presidio Residences. 

Public Safety Housing Program

The Public Safety Housing Program represents up to ten units for full-time firefighters, police officers, paramedics, or park rangers with law enforcement duties within Area B of the Presidio as one of their primary responsibilities, or similar public safety worker. Participants pay 30% of individual’s gross income for rent. 

Units are available in the following neighborhoods: 

  • Baker Beach Apartments 
  • MacArthur Avenue​​ 
  • North Fort Scott 
  • Quarry Road 
  • Sanches Street 
  • South Baker Beach 
  • West Was​hington 

Shared Occupancy 

If an officer elects to share a unit with another eligible officer, rent will be set at 30% of the gross income of the eligible program participants. If an officer elects to share a unit with anyone ineligible for the program (excluding immediate family members), rent for that ineligible resident will be set at that resident’s proportionate share of the fair market rent for the units, as determined by the Presidio Trust or its representatives. 

Minimum and maximum occupancy levels per unit apply. Contact Presidio Residences for details. 

Three U.S. Park Police officers on mounted patrol. Photo by Agency Moanalani Jeffrey.

41 Moraga Avenue Apartments 

The 41 Moraga Avenue Apartments​, located on the Main Post, are single room occupancy units offered exclusively to full-time Presidio-based employees. 

  • Rents range from $620 – $1,595
  • Includes utilities 
  • Shared kitchen and bath 
  • On-site laundry facilities 
  • On-site parking for an additional fee of $100 per month  
  • Lease terms of 6, 9, or 12 months 
  • Income not to exceed 100% of Area Median Income  
  • One cat allowed, no dogs  
Buildings 40 and 41. Photo by Charity Vargas.
41 Moraga Avenue Apartments. Photo by Charity Vargas.

AMI Percentage* 

AMI Percentage for one Person
0-100% of AMI

*Based on HUD 2023 income limits. Information is current as of June 13, 2023, and is subject to change.​ 

Contact Presidio Residences

Phone:  (888) 405-4959

222 Halleck Street
San Francisco, CA 94129

An American flag flies over the Presidio. Photo by Plus M Productions.