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Upgrading Utilities

We're bringing the Presidio's infrastructure into the 21st century through much needed upgrades.

Improving the Presidio's Utilities

The Presidio is like a small town, with utilities built decades ago when the Presidio was an Army post. We’re now bringing this national park site into the 21st century with electrical and water, sewer, and storm drainage systems that not only meet today’s standards but set the stage for a resilient and fossil-fuel-free future.

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Renewing the Park's Infrastructure


Presidio Trust High Voltage workers make a repair on a power line.

Modernizing Presidio Power

We’re replacing the park’s 1960s-era electrical grid with a modern, reliable 12kV system. With this greater capacity, we can decarbonize the Presidio by switching homes and workplaces from gas to electric power. We’ll also be able to add more EV chargers – so we can electrify the Presidio Trust’s vehicle and Presidio GO Shuttle fleet and invite residents, employees, and visitors to power up. And we’re moving many power lines underground to protect them during storms.

Leaky pipe running through the Presidio.

Updating Water Utilities

Parts of the Presidio’s water, storm, and wastewater systems date to the 19th century. We’re now updating key wet utilities so we’re ready for a more unpredictable weather future that includes both large storm runoff and recurring droughts.

What's Happening Now

Adding an EV Charging Station at Crissy Field

Car parked and plugged into an EV charging station at the Presidio.
A newly installed EV charging station near East Beach at Crissy Field

In fall 2023, we installed an electric vehicle charging station at Crissy Field in the parking lot across from East Beach. With 19 ports, it’s the Presidio’s largest EV charging site and one of the largest in San Francisco. Its waterfront location serves park employees as well as beachgoers and other visitors.


Opening a New Power Distribution Sub-Station

A couple employees in front of substation panel
A new electrical substation near the Lombard Gate

In early 2024, we completed a new electrical sub-station near the Lombard Gate. It distributes reliable power to two-thirds of the Presidio and provides a second connection point to PG+E, which means if there is trouble in one area, electricity can be rerouted.


Undergrounding Power Lines in Residential Neighborhoods

Three Presidio Trust staff members underground a power line.
Undergrounding power lines in the eastern Presidio.

In early 2024, we’ll finish undergrounding power lines in the Presidio’s eastern residential neighborhoods: the Quarry neighborhood near Fernandez Street and the East Washington neighborhood near Amatury Loop. These are places where overhead lines have been vulnerable to falling tree limbs during winter storms. We’re already planning for the next wave of undergrounding in late 2024 or early 2025.


Saving Water + Reducing Flooding

Storey Neighborhood homes with the San Francisco skyline in the background.
Upgrading drainage in the Presidio’s Storey neighborhood

In 2024, we’ll re-route and replace a leaky underground water line near San Francisco National Cemetery, ensuring none of this precious resource goes to waste. We’re also making drainage improvements in the Storey Avenue neighborhood to reduce flooding during winter storms. And we’ll begin planning for the next phase of improvements to our wet utility system.