Presidio Like a Pro

Our parks are for everyone – and we all have a role to play in keeping them safe, clean, and beautiful. Here are eight ways to “Presidio like a Pro.”

  1. If You’re Sick, Stay Home
    If you’re ill, rest at home and follow SF City Guidelines for wearing a mask..
  2. Share the Space
    Stay aware of others, especially when wearing headphones or when riding a bike (note: when you’re on a bike trail vs. a pedestrian path or area (like Presidio Tunnel Tops).
  3. Use Alternative Forms of Transportation
  4. Parking is limited in the Presidio; check out our Park Updates before visiting the park, and bike, walk, or take alternative forms of transportation when possible, including Muni buses or the Presidio GO Shuttle.
  5. Slow your Roll
    When biking or running, keep your speed under control and gently make sure others are aware you’re approaching.
  6. Stash your Trash
    Be sure to properly dispose of any trash – and use the compost and recycle bins to keep as much waste out of the landfill as possible.
  7. Watch for Signs + Closures
    Follow signage direction and avoid closed areas.
  8. Protect the Park
    Leave the park as you found it, and avoid anything that might cause lasting damage, like placing stakes in the lawns or bringing helium balloons.
  9. Recreate Responsibly
    Follow the National Parks Service's Recreate Responsibly suggestions for safely enjoying our parks and share your experiences with #RecreateResponsibly.