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Forestry Projects 2023-2024

Learn about the projects underway this year to create a healthy and sustainable Presidio forest.

Each year, the Presidio Trust revitalizes small groves in our ongoing effort to create a healthy forest. Learn about projects for 2023-2024.

In 2003, we began a long-term effort to replace Presidio trees at the end of their natural lifespan with young, healthy seedlings. As we do this work, we’re bringing back a diverse “understory” on the forest floor beneath the trees by planting coyote bush and dozens of other species native to the park.

Over the course of two decades, we’ve replanted 53 acres with 9,000 young trees, many grown at the Presidio Nursery.

See below for a summary of projects underway this year.

Presidio Reforestation Projects: Fall 2023-Winter 2024

Trees hanging over power lines at the Thomas Redwood Reforestation site.

Thomas Redwood Reforestation – Phase 3

In August 2023, we’ll begin the third phase of our Redwood Reforestation site along Thomas Avenue in the Infantry Terrace neighborhood. We’ll remove 40-50 large aging Monterey Cypress trees that continue to fail and damage the adjacent infrastructure along Thomas Avenue and lower Infantry Terrace.

We’ll replant approximately 50 small stature species, including Oaks, buckeye, and Gowen Cypress. Then, we’ll replant the understory with native species to increase biodiversity and protect the slope from erosion.

Aging trees at the Cavalry Bowl reforestation site.

Cavalry Bowl Reforestation – Phase 2

In September 2023, we’ll begin the second phase of reforestation at the Cavalry Bowl Stand. We’ll remove approximately 40 trees on the south side of the stand and the northeast corner of Lincoln Boulevard and McDowell Avenue. Most of the trees here are declining rapidly. Some healthy Monterey Cypress trees will be retained to promote a mixed aged stand. We’ll replant the understory with native plants to increase biodiversity at the site.

Aging trees at the Bowley reforestation site.

Bowley Reforestation – Phase 2

In October 2023, we’ll begin the second phase of reforestation along Lincoln Boulevard near Baker Beach. This area is within the Vegetation Management Plan Historic Forest Management Zone. We’ll remove approximately 30 declining Monterey Cypress and Monterey Pine just south of the phase one project area. We’ll replant approximately 100 Monterey Cypress and mixed conifer species. By diversifying the understory with native plants, we’ll increase the biodiversity of the stand and stabilize the slope.

Reforestation Sites Map

Map showing the location of the three 2023-2024 Presidio reforestation projects.

Questions about Presidio Reforestation?

If you have questions about reforestation work in the Presidio, contact us at

Young trees planted at West Pacific Grove near Lovers’ Lane and the Presidio Gate.