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Presidio Theatre Presents Fellow Travelers

Delve into love and politics during the McCarthy era at Presidio Theatre with the opera.
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Friday, June 21, 2024

07:30 PM - 09:00 PM (1.5 hours)

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What to Expect at This Event

Step back into the tumultuous corridors of power during the McCarthy era with Opera Parallele‘s captivating production of Fellow Travelers at Presidio Theatre 

Adapted from Thomas Mallon’s acclaimed novel of the same name, this West Coast premiere offers audiences a mesmerizing blend of tender romance and political intrigue that resonates with timeless relevance. 

Composer Gregory Spears and librettist Greg Pierce have meticulously crafted an opera that delves into the complexities of love and politics against the backdrop of the Lavender Scare. Set in an era of paranoia and persecution, Fellow Travelers navigates the lives of individuals grappling with forbidden love under government scrutiny. 

Fellow Travelers transcends the boundaries of opera, serving as a poignant testament to the resilience of love amidst adversity. As audiences are transported back in time, they are prompted to contemplate the enduring power of love to transcend even the darkest of times.  

About Opera Parallèle  

Opera Parallèle merges tradition with innovation. Committed to the highest artistic standards in our productions, they foster an inclusive and creative environment that values curiosity and innovation. They’re committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. They believe in the power of music, the importance of storytelling, and the ability of art to ignite awareness. 

Getting To This Event

99 Moraga Ave

Map of the Presidio

By Public Transit 

Route: Muni 43

Stop: Transit Center

By Presidio Go Shuttle 

Route: South Hills

Stop: Pershing Square


Paid parking is available in several lots around the Main Post in easy walking distance from the theatre.

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