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Oct 7, 2021

How to Enjoy the My Park Moment Photo Show

The 2021 "My Park Moment" photo show features 400 images of people enjoying their favorite parks.

Visual Story Winner Sheilby Macena tours her winning photos panel at My Park Moment photo show.

The My Park Moment photo show features 400 images of people enjoying their favorite parks. The inspiring shots, picked from thousands of submissions from across the nation (and even around the world), are on display at four outdoor locations within walking distance around the future Presidio Tunnel Tops site. Here’s how you can enjoy the show in person and online!

Where do I get started?

The large-scale show is featured at four outdoor locations. Two locations are on the Main Post not far from the Presidio Visitor Center, and the others are at Crissy Field. All locations have parking nearby with accessible walking paths from ADA parking spots.

You can start your experience at any location. Just pick up a map, and then walk, bike, or drive between them all (note: the walk is about two miles roundtrip). Restrooms are located at two sites on the Main Post.

  1. Main Post West at the Main Parade Lawn
  2. Main Post East at the Presidio YMCA Parking Lot
  3. Crissy Field East at the East Mason Parking Lot
  4. Crissy Field West at the Sports Basement Parking Lot

What will I see at each location?

Visual Story Winner Marissa Leshnov smiles for a photo while standing in front of her winning photo panel at the Main Post West location.

Each location features 100 “community snapshots” from everyday parkgoers capturing moments of adventure, play, joy, fun, wonder, calm, healing, and inspiration.

Each site also features a “virtual story award” winner – this is a series of images from a single photographer portraying the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and political events of the past year. The Crissy Field West location features a Youth Pavilion with photos taken by kids 12 to 18 years old.

Are there any guides to the show?

One of the many My Park Moment “breadcrumbs” along our suggested walking route connecting visitors to all four locations.

My Park Moment also offers two resources to help you experience the photo show:

  1. A Exhibition Guide includes a map and info about the show (printed copies also available at the show)
  2. An Education Resource is great for teachers, parents, and anyone looking to enrich their experience.

My photo is in the show – how do I find it?

A visitor explores the My Park Moment Crissy Field West Location.

Do you or someone you know have a photo displayed in the show? Here are the ways you can find where it’s located.

  1. Use the “Find My Photo” Page online and search by the winner’s last name.
  2. The My Park Moment Exhibition Guide includes a complete list of all winners organized with a key indicating where each photo is listed.

What if I can’t make it to the show?

Visual Story Winner Yuxing Liu tours the Crissy Field East location of the My Park Moment photo show with his winning photos behind him.

Can’t make it to the park in person? No problem! You can see all 400 images virtually online.

Why a Photo Show?

A young boy plays at the My Park Moment photo show.

Building on the Community Engagement work we did behind the Presidio Tunnel Tops, we were inspired to create a way for everyone to, quite literally, picture themselves in the park. We hope many people discover the Presidio through the photo show and then return when Presidio Tunnel Tops opens in spring 2022.

The show is produced by the Partnership for the Presidio in collaboration with Photoville. The Partnership for the Presidio is comprised of the National Park Service, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and the Presidio Trust. Photoville is a non-profit organization that works to increase access to the art of photography and visual storytelling by producing free photo festivals and public exhibitions across the globe.

Tell a Friend!

Visual Story Winner Francess Santos smiles for a photo in front of her winning photography panel.

If you have your own “​moment” ​​to share from your visit, use the hashtag #myparkmoment or tag @PresidioSF on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Learn more about visiting the show here >>