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As Seen At: The Presidio Visitor Center Welcomes its 100,000th Guest!

Nov 15, 2017

As Seen At: The Presidio Visitor Center Welcomes its 100,000th Guest!

Since the "VC" opened in 2017, we’ve welcomed a steady stream of people ready to explore the park.


Since the William Penn Mott, Jr. Presidio Visitor Center opened in February 2017, we’ve seen a steady stream of visitors looking to learn what to see and do in the park.

Located on the Main Post and operated by the National Park Service, the Presidio Trust, and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the Presidio Visitor Center houses a huge 3D topographical map, inspiring videos, high-tech trip-planning tools, interactive displays, and – most importantly! – a friendly staff to help you plan your visit. It’s also a great place to get a gift or gear up for your visit – they have everything from books on San Francisco ecology to stylish picnicking paraphernalia (all proceeds benefit the park).

Since it opened just eight months ago, we’ve seen 100,000 visitors so far. Wow – that’s a lot of welcoming! We talked to our 100,000th guest and other recent guests and asked them: What are you going to do in the Presidio today?

Patty Fung – San Francisco, **Our 100,000th Visitor**

Patty (middle): I’m a teacher at Lowell High School, and I brought my students to The Walt Disney Family Museum today for a tour. Afterwards, I had some extra time, so I figured I’d walk around. I was curious about the Visitor Center so I stepped inside and then everyone was cheering for me! I feel really lucky that I was the 100,000th guest – and I got this cool goodie bag!

I actually do spend quite a bit of time in the Presidio. I love to walk down Lovers’ Lane – it’s my favorite Presidio trail. I’ve also spent time at Presidio Picnic.

Ralph – San Francisco by way of Beijing

Ralph – San Francisco by way of Bejing

Ralph: Today is my last day in San Francisco – I’m moving out of town tomorrow. I really love this park and I’ve spent a lot of time at the Presidio Visitor Center. I actually frequent visitor centers in San Francisco and I give the Presidio Visitor Center a 10 out of 10, so I wanted to spend my last day in the Presidio.

Michelle – San Francisco; Dianne and Tim – Connecticut

Michelle (left): I’m here with my Uncle Tim and my Aunt Dianne. I live in San Francisco and they’re visiting from Connecticut. We came to visit T​he Walt Disney Family Museum and take a walk down to Crissy Field. We lucked out with this beautiful weather.

Tim: We’re visiting San Francisco for five days. This is my first time in the Presidio, and we’re happy to be here to celebrate Michelle’s birthday!

Dianne: Since this is our first time in the Presidio, we’re letting Michelle be our tour guide. She’s taking us on a walk around the park; we’re hoping to see as much of the Presidio as we can.

Amy, Katie, and Charlotte – London

Charlotte (right): The three of us are good friends and traveled here from London. We’re currently road-tripping to different parts of California.

Katie (center): We arrived in San Fran yesterday, so we’re passing through the Presidio today on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. We’re hoping to walk across it!

Amy (left): We’re going to hang at East Beach at Crissy Field, as well.

Matt – Australia

Matt: I’ve been visiting San Francisco for the last four days, and today is my last day. I’m doing a hop-on/hop-off style bus tour and we stopped in the Presidio. I walked in to the Presidio Visitor Center and sat down in the back to watch videos about the Presidio. The one about the current EXCLUSION exhibition at the Presidio Officers’ Club was very interesting. I had no idea the Japanese American exclusion orders were signed here in the Presidio during World War II.

Tania and Natalie – Ontario

Natalie (left): We’re sisters! It’s her birthday today and mine’s tomorrow. Our big birthday adventure is to see the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time.

Tania (right): Along with getting some photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, we want to do some sightseeing and enjoy San Francisco Bay views.