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Arguello Boulevard Bicycle Improvement Project

Work takes place in late 2023 and 2024.

We’re improving Arguello Boulevard to make it easier to navigate on bike and on foot.

(Updated September 14, 2023)

In late 2023 and 2024, we’re making changes to the bike lanes and roadway on Arguello Boulevard between Arguello Gate and Washington Boulevard. Our goal is to reduce vehicle speeds and promote safer bicycle travel and connectivity. The improvements will happen in three phases. See below for details.

Man riding a bike on Arguello Boulevard with Spire in the background.

Phase One: Initial Improvements (September 2023 – NOW COMPLETE)

To immediately improve conditions in the area, in September 2023 we’re making e a series of changes as described below and shown in the project map.

  1. Restripe to narrow vehicle lanes to 10 foot and provide a 2-foot buffer between southbound bike lane and vehicle lane on inside of curves to discourage drivers from cutting the corner
  2. Install K71 bollards every 20’ feet in the buffer
  3. Install yield markings, a flex post yield sign, and a warning sign for southbound traffic to raise motorist awareness of cyclists crossing to Washington Boulevard.
  4. Add a bicycle guide sign for northbound cyclists to clarify the route to Washington Boulevard
  5. Install greenback sharrows and a dashed bike lane stripe to better indicate where northbound cyclists cross to the left-turn pocket to westbound Washington Boulevard

Traffic calming features on Arguello Boulevard near Washington Boulevard.

Phase Two: Installation of Speed Cushions and Rumble Strips (October 2023)

In October 2023, we will:

  1. Install speed cushions in the northbound and southbound vehicle lanes to reduce vehicle speeds
  2. Add rumble strips within the two-foot buffer to make the buffer more effective

Phase Three: Repaving and Additional Improvements (by the end of 2024)

In 2024, we will begin a substantial effort to repave roadways and parking lots in several locations around the Presidio. Through this work, we will repave Arguello Boulevard between the gate and Washington Boulevard. This will create an opportunity to make additional improvements in the area, informed by what we learn from Phase One and Phase Two.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our transportation engineers, working with outside consultants, evaluated this approach and determined that, due to the narrow width of the roadway, side slopes and sensitive habitat, protected bike lanes on both sides of Arguello are not possible at this time.

Most of the park’s roads need to accommodate many different uses and users – from trucks and buses to pedestrians and cyclists. However, the Presidio does offer many multi-use trails and a few roadway sections completely closed to cars (e.g. Barnard Road) that allow low-stress biking opportunities outside our roadway network.

Yes, please send questions and ideas to presidio@presidiotrust.govAs we collect data to assess the Phase 1 and 2 improvements and inform permanent designs, we will be in close contact with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.