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We’re reducing the amount of carbon emitted at the Presidio to address climate change.

The Presidio Trust is working to reduce the amount of carbon emitted at the Presidio so we can address the critical challenge of climate change.

As a “small town” and national park site where people live, work, and visit, we have the opportunity to improve our infrastructure and systems so we put less carbon in the air.

We’re placing special focus on three areas: greening our transportation system, making our buildings energy efficient, and modernizing our electrical grid. Our ultimate goal is to become a net zero carbon park.

Green Transportation

We introduced our first battery-electric shuttle bus  to the park and plan to convert the entire fleet from compressed natural gas to electric over the next several years. The first bus is cutting the fleet’s carbon footprint by 12% or 50 metric tons of CO2e per year.


We’re also expanding our electric bike share program and our network of bike lanes so it’s easy to get around the Presidio without a car. And we’re planning how to convert the Presidio Trust’s fleet of maintenance vehicles to electric.

Battery-electric Presidio GO Shuttle in front of Presidio Transit Center.Photo source:

Green Building

About one-third of the Presidio’s carbon footprint comes from “stationary combustion,” including the natural gas used in the water heaters and furnaces in Presidio buildings.


We’re preparing to decarbonize our homes and workplaces by developing the infrastructure to support all-electric appliances, water heaters, and HVAC systems. And we’re integrating the latest sustainable design technologies and practices in our building codes and design standards so our buildings are energy efficient. This work complements our Green Building Rehabilitation program.

Two Presidio Trust staff members move a water heater.Photo source:

Modernizing the Presidio's Electrical Grid

We’re bringing the Presidio’s Army-era utilities into the 21st century by replacing our 4kV electrical grid with a modern 12kV grid. This will support the higher electrical loads needed for a fossil-fuel free future. We’re also exploring the installation of solar panels and batteries that generate and store clean electricity.

Presidio Trust High Volt staff member repairs a power line.Photo source: