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Bringing Back the California Quail

We’re exploring how to bring the official state bird back to the Presidio.

Once abundant, California Quail have not been seen in the Presidio since 2008. 

The official bird for both the City of San Francisco and the State of California, the species faces long odds as it’s threatened by vehicle traffic, loss of habitat, and even feral cats. 

However, as a national park site, the Presidio presents a unique opportunity to turn the trend around. Working with the San Francisco Estuary Institute, the Presidio Trust is studying how the bird might eventually be reintroduced to the Presidio. 

The Case for Re-Introduction

Image of mother quail with 3 baby quails.The Natural Resources Department at the Presidio Trust has been working with the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) since 2019 to assess the feasibility of reintroducing California Quail to the Presidio. The final report of this partnership, The Case for Quail Reintroduction, is a two-part assessment of the benefits and feasibility of a potential reintroduction effort. This report builds on previous research that indicated the Presidio’s restoration efforts, combined with the return of coyotes, have created favorable conditions for quail. The report helps Presidio wildlife managers assess the best methods for bringing back a beloved species while engaging the public in a successful reintroduction process. 

Part 1 of the Case for Quail Reintroduction – Benefits (accessible)

Part 2 of the Case for Quail Reintroduction – Feasibility (accessible)