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World Arts West Dance Festival Returns to the Presidio to Celebrate Global Arts and Culture, September 10

Free day of performances convenes diverse communities through the art of dance.

LIKHA Pilipino Folk Ensemble dancer
Pictured above: LIKHA Pilipino Folk Ensemble. Photo by: M. Shigenaga

San Francisco, CA (August 7, 2023) – World Arts West proudly presents the highly anticipated 2023 World Arts West Dance Festival at the picturesque Presidio Tunnel Tops’ East Meadow on Sunday, September 10. As a key event in the Presidio Sunday Afternoons series hosted by the Partnership for the Presidio, the festival promises exhilarating and diverse dance performances that honor the deep and rich artistry of cultural dance traditions from around the globe.

This year’s remarkable lineup of artists will present dances from Mexico, India, Nicaragua, Brazil, West African, Spain, and Tahiti, to name a few. Dance groups include Calpulli Tonalehqueh, Diamano Coura West African Dance Company, Melissa Cruz Flamenco, Mona Khan Company, Nicaragua Dance Ensemble, Ruth Asawa SF School of the Arts world dance group, Te Pura O Te Rahura’a, and more. The free event also includes lively interactive demonstrations with festival artists, and an assortment of multicultural food trucks nearby at Presidio Pop Up.

World Arts West, known for its leading role in producing and promoting cultural dance in the Bay Area, was among the partner organizations to co-curate the inaugural event season at the Presidio Tunnel Tops in the summer of 2022, and has played an active role in curating the 2023 season.

“On behalf of the Partnership for the Presidio, we want to express our gratitude to World Arts West for their collaboration and expertise in curating such beautiful, engaging, and inclusive programming in the park. It is wonderful to see so many communities come together to enjoy their national park at the Presidio Sunday Afternoons events and every day,” says Allison Stone, director of visitor engagement at the Presidio Trust. The new Presidio Tunnel Tops site drew 1.8 million visitors in its first year alone.

“Experiencing live performances brings us together as a global community,” says Anne Huang, executive director of World Arts West. “Fostering cross-cultural understanding and creating an interconnected world means presenting and producing events like the World Arts West Dance Festival in highly visible, accessible, public spaces such as the Presidio. Our partnership nurtures the transformational power of arts and culture to expand people’s understanding of the world and each other, while building community at the local level.”

Event Listing

Event: World Arts West Dance Festival
Date: Sunday, September 10
Time: 1 PM – 4 PM
Location: Presidio Tunnel Tops, East Meadow – 210 Lincoln Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94129
Admission: Free
Description: World Arts West Dance Festival returns to the Presidio Sunday, September 10 as part of the Presidio Sunday Afternoons series hosted by Partnership for the Presidio. World Arts West brings to the stage cultural dances that honor the deep and rich artistry of traditions from around the globe. This year’s artists showcase dances from Mexico, India, Nicaragua, Brazil, West African, Spain, Tahiti, and more. Enjoy interactive demos with festival artists; grab a bite at one of the Presidio Pop Up’s multicultural food trucks; take the free Presidio GO shuttle; and come revel in the power of dance with us!
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About World Arts West

World Arts West has created the epicenter of cultural dance in California, including over 100 unique cultures that constitute one of the most vibrant and diverse dance communities in the world. In the last 45 years, World Arts West has grown from a grassroots community of cultural artists to one of the largest world dance networks in the United States.

World Arts West’s long-term vision is to build a sustainable future for the cultural artist dance community by serving as a national thought leader, presenter, advocate, and services provider for the largest cultural artist network in the United States. World Arts West works with artists, organizations, and communities to increase cultural competence and understanding, as a critical foundational base, to practice and embody social justice.

About Partnership for the Presidio

Two federal agencies manage the Presidio: the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service with support from the nonprofit Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. Together, the Partnership sustains the Presidio’s natural beauty, preserves its history, maintains its funding and creates inspiring national park experiences for all.

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