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Playing Fields

The Presidio has four athletic fields that are available for public use.

The Presidio has four athletic fields that are available for public use.

Fort Scott Field is managed directly by the Presidio Trust. Paul Goode Field and Morton Street Field are managed by local schools. The fields at Presidio Wall Playground are managed by San Francisco Recreation and Park.

Fort Scott Field

Fort Scott Field is in the Fort Winfield Scott district near the Golden Gate Bridge, not far from the Log Cabin. It’s managed directly by the Presidio Trust.


Reservations for Fort Scott Field are assigned by a lottery system. Organized teams, leagues, school sports teams, and other private groups who wish to use the field must register for date selection through the Presidio Trust.


Applications, rules, and regulations for events at Fort Scott Field are mailed each Spring for events taking place the following October through September. One-time use reservations are also available.


To register your team, league, or school for the date selection competition or to learn about other availability, please contact the Presidio Trust at (415) 561-4200 or


Fort Scott Field Application

Young kids play baseball at Fort Scott Field.

Paul Goode Field

Paul Goode Field, located in the southern Presidio not far from Presidio Wall Playground, is managed by University High School. It’s available to a broad cross section of schools and youth-based community and non-profit sports organizations. For information about use of the field, email​

Kids play soccer at Paul Goode Field.

Morton Street Field

Located in the eastern Presidio at the corner Morton and Rodriguez Streets, Morton Street Field is licensed to Town School. When not scheduled to be used by Town School, it’s available to the public on a first come, first served basis. For more information, reach out to Town School for Boys at​.

Image of Morton Street Field

Presidio Wall Playground Fields

Presidio Wall Playground features athletic fields for baseball and soccer. It’s operated by San Francisco Recreation and Parks. Contact them at (415) 831-5500 or visit their website.

Baseball diamond at Presidio Wall Playground.

Contact the Presidio Trust

If you have a question about outdoor events in the park, contact us at or (415) 561-4200.

Two public lawns at Presidio Tunnel Tops.