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Forever Park Strategy

We’re sustaining the Presidio as a park where people and the environment thrive for decades to come.

The Forever Park strategy describes the Presidio Trust’s next chapter, focused on sustaining the Presidio for decades to come.

We work to make sure the Presidio remains a national park site that is free, welcoming to all, and thriving for future generations.

From Saving to Sustaining the Presidio

Today’s Presidio results from a 25-year “post to park” transformation led by the Presidio Trust with an innovative public-private partnership and supported by community leaders, donors, volunteers, tenants, and residents.

After years of revitalization, the Presidio is among the most surprising, and most visited, national park sites in America – a place where people live, work, and visit. In 2022, two decades of park making culminated in the opening of Presidio Tunnel Tops, completing the Presidio’s waterfront transformation and inviting people of all backgrounds to discover the park.

Children playing on red “tops” chairs at Presidio Tunnel Tops.
Presidio Tunnel Tops opened in July 2022, culminating a quarter century of park making.

Yet the work of stewarding the Presidio is never done. New opportunities are arising, and serious challenges remain. Having made a wonderful park, we must now keep it thriving and relevant.

The Presidio Trust’s Next Chapter

The Forever Park Strategy guides the Presidio Trust’s next chapter where we not only make a great park but sustain it as a place where all people are welcome and where nature and history can flourish for the long haul.

A group shot of Presidio Trust staff on a lawn with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
Presidio Trust staff members embody the values of service, inclusiveness, stewardship, responsibility, and sustainability.

We are guided by a triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Performance. Our intent is that the Presidio will be a model of historic preservation and environmental restoration, stewardship, and sustainability. The park’s buildings and landscapes will be a living laboratory where approaches for making the world a better place are tested, from how to reintroduce lost native plants and animals, to how to foster a sense of belonging among people of all ethnicities, incomes, and abilities. And the Presidio Trust will be a model of how to run thriving businesses that support the public good.

Forever Park Strategy

Graphic illustrating the Presidio Trust’s North Star, Mission, Goals, and Values.

North Star

The Presidio will be a “Forever Park.”

Presidio Trust Mission

The Presidio Trust is an innovative federal agency that stewards and shares the history, beauty, and wonder of the Presidio for everyone to enjoy forever.

Strategic Goals

People: As a national park, the Presidio will be visited and loved by all.

Planet: The Presidio Trust will be a model of environmental stewardship.

Performance: The Presidio Trust will exemplify operational excellence in public service


Service: We take pride in our work and bring our best effort every day to serve the public, Presidio residents, Presidio tenants, and each other.

Inclusiveness: We embrace differences, communicate honestly, and deal fairly with each other and the public to create a respectful and equitable environment.

Stewardship: We celebrate the Presidio’s legacy as a national park site and National Historic Landmark by making sure the resources in our care can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Responsibility: We use our time and money wisely, so we earn the trust of our colleagues and the public.

Sustainability: We honor the environment by combatting climate change, protecting biodiversity, and reducing the impact of our operations.

Our Operating Model

Unlike other federal agencies, the Presidio Trust operates without an annual appropriation from Congress. We maintain and improve the Presidio with revenue we earn from successful leasing, hospitality, and permitting efforts. We invest these funds to welcome visitors, steward the environment, preserve historic resources, maintain the park’s infrastructure, and ensure the agency operates efficiently in service to the public.

The Presidio also benefits from support and investment from the National Park Service and the non-profit Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

Every dollar spent by those who live here, work here, or visit here is invested right back into the Presidio – meaning everyone is critical to the virtuous circle that will sustain the Presidio as a forever park.Graphic indicating the funding sources and expenditures of the Presidio Trust.

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Main Parade Lawn and Montgomery Street Barracks. Photo by Charity Vargas.