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Community Events & Activations

The Presidio is a platform where all communities can enjoy arts and cultural experiences.

We collaborate with partners to develop or support community-led programs that connect this national park site with all.

The Partnership for the Presidio co-curates events with community leaders and community-based organizations, working in collaboration with the Presidio Activator Council and a wide range of community leaders and arts organizations.

Events and activations incorporate art, culture, food, healing, wellness, and music, and reflect the vibrancy of the Bay Area.

2022 Presidio Community Events & Activations

For the 2022 Presidio Tunnel Tops opening season, the Partnership for the Presidio and the Presidio Activator Council engaged Bay Area artists and community leaders to make the park inclusive and welcoming through events. They partnered with Hip Hop for Change and World Arts West.

Fogo Na Roupa – practicing with drums in the Presidio.

Carnaval Ensayo with Fogo Na Ropa

In preparation for San Francisco’s 45th Annual Carnaval, Fogo Na Roupa practiced afro-Brasilian Carnaval rhythms in the Presidio. They also performed on Presidio Tunnel Tops opening day.

Woman performs on stage at the Environmental Justice Summit.

6th Annual Environmental Justice Summit

Sponsored by Hip Hop for Change, this event brought leading BIPOC environmental organizers from the Bay Area and beyond together to share experiences and discuss steps to diversify the Green Movement.

Dancers on stage at the Chuseok Festival in the Presidio. Photo by Rachel Styer.

Chuseok (Korean Harvest) Festival

The Chuseok Festival is the Bay Area’s largest public event celebrating, showcasing, and promoting Korean culture, cuisine, music, arts, and community. It featured delicious Korean food, live performances from local Korean cultural performance groups, and traditional Korean games.

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival

World Arts West We also hosted the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival Auditions where artists from around the Bay Area shared dances from the African Diaspora, China, Egypt, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Mexico.

We’re Here to Help

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